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Response 1 out of 8: Does anyone know which hotel is the (supposedly) 4-star hotel "Express Deal" for Vancouver Entertainment District? Miami pattern search offered a four-star hotel for $121 a night. The best result could, for example, be "4-star hotel". You can save up to 60% by searching for express offers.

Price List: 4-star Express Deal Hotel (All Inclusive) Riviera Maya - Playa Del Carmen area

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Express Deals" Priceline expertise

I' ve used Priceline NYOP several time in the last years - I'm not a traveler on my own, so it was just a holiday/city trip. I have travelled in Europe and there is an important tripadvisor for NYOP in Amsterdam (where "normal" hotel rates have increased drastically over the years) - which I have been reading, helping to shape and using over the years.

Over the years, all my NYOP profits have been quite good - usually in a good location and at a rebate on the "prevailing" fair value (i.e. what you can find on hotelscombined.com). I booked a little rhum this year - I had a 24-hour voucher to use, and hastily incorporated 3* hostels into my quest and ended up with a hotel with bad ratings - and not only that, I also did pay more via NYOP than Expedia asked!

But I had a succesful VRA slogan - so that was assorted (although I still have a "poor" hotel!). I recently signed a PL Express deal. I' ve made another rums deal; I'm very glad that I'm taking on a lot of the guilt myself - and I don't want it to be like a pity - rather an open discussion about the validity of PL's assertions and the "looseness" of the realities towards their "assertions".

I' ve reserved a "very cheap" 4-star room with express offers - the town I' ve reserved for has only one PL area - so I knew that I could be on the edge of town - I also knew that it could be an airporthotel - because the airfield was also there.

However, a quest at all 4* hotel aerodromes seemed to show a much higher cost range than the express deal - so I reassured myself that if I landed at the aerodrome, I would at least get a good deal and cut down on transfers! But I ended up in a hotel 5.2 leagues from the "city centre" - in the opposite sense of the Aiport.

Just to see how near the border I was - I was probably within half a mile of the outer ring.......... Prior to this express deal, I had placed a few fruitless bid on NYOP - the same town on NYOP actually had two areas - one for the airfield and another for "the remainder of town" - I was amazed that my NYOP bid on a 4* hotel had a higher price than the express deal and hadn't rolled this hotel as a WIN.

The NYOP Zones card was double-checked - and it was different - my hotel was outside the NYOP card's boundaries! The last "point of discussion" is PL's right to the express business rate - you will be able to cut your costs by up to 55%. All of us know that "up to" is a reservation - but in general one would generally anticipate some kind of "significant" savings over the dominant commercial rate - but when reviewing the rate of this hotel I see two things: 1) it is not on PL's "normal hotel list" - so no straight line pricefix.

2 ) there were a few other ota' s that sell it for my data for a $1-3 higher than I was on PL Express....admittedly the rates per overnight was only $39 + tax - equivalent to about $47 - the range ot the rates on other sites was $48-50. I' m feeling through this - in that I'm clearly not making the 55% savings advertising - I believe I've taken a venture on not knowin' the hotel (or it's position or accurate service) without the reward of making a savings.

Or, keep the room and ask for a "discount" - at least this goes towards the city centre and back again!

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