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There are 5 Perks travel agencies that can do more than just book your journey. The majority of respondents believe that travel agencies only make travel bookings - which anyone can do with Google - but they do more. The majority of respondents believe that travel agencies do little more than bill you for it. "We specialise in creating travel routes, of course, but good consultants can help you in all kinds of ways most of us don't recognise," says Rob Karp, CEO and creator of MilesAhead, a luxurious travel concertina.

These are some things that an agent might find valuable at extra expense. The travel agency can help solve the problems that can arise on any journey by simply answering the telephone and called them. Mr Karp said that seasoned travelers can help with flight changes in the case of cancellation or long delay, for example.

"Basically, we can take the travel headaches off your palms and make them ours," said Mr Karp. Yes, consultants can make your accommodation bookings and organise your transfer, but they can also handle every part of your journey, which includes hand-picked guide books to suit your interests, making restaurants bookings, arranging theatre and museum admission and more.

"In essence, your consultant can be a replacement for a hospitality concierge," Mr Karp said. A number of consultants are charging a rate for this type of shuttle ranging from $50 to a few hundred bucks, subject to the level of detail of your request, but unlike a hospitality agent, they do not require funding for their work.

So the better your travel agency knows you, the better it can adapt your travel to your taste. For example, if you are a vegetarian in Italy, an agent can organize a vegetarian category of pizzas or at least provide a menu where you are welcome and have a wide choice.

"We have a big collegiate basketball enthusiast who is one of our travellers, so we created individual trainers with his own alpha matter logos and kept them in his room for him," he said. When you have any goals you really want to attend, an agent can help you set priorities where and when you should travel, and help you get off the couch and go to the locations of the budgerig.

For example, if you fancy gorillas in Rwanda and want your kids to come along, you should stay until they are 16 years old, the legal retirement ages. Even if you have a fixed travel plan for the year, your agent can help you decide how best to use this plan to get the best for your year.

Even when you're not travelling, your agent can be useful, said Mr Karp. At the last moment, a faithful customer can make last minute restaurants bookings, get seats for sold-out shows or even reserve a meeting room for businessfun. However, the reservation is that the agent expects allegiance in exchange for outstanding services.

"You know, the more you stay with a counselor, the better you'll take good charge of him," Mr Karp said in the headline:

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