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Agoda's flight booking function - Review

As I was working on my other Agoda story and how best to maximize my buck, I found Agoda's booking service. I have woven my commentary into this item through the booking procedure. Getting StartedWhen I set the Agoda homepage on fire, it looks like an easy-to-use page where you only need to enter the most basi? c details:

If you enter the necessary information and click on "Search", you will be taken to the results page with a complete listing of flight prices: I' m amazed by Agoda's highly competetive "Compare Sites vs. Agoda" section, which allows the audience to click on Agoda's rivals (including Expedia) and see them: When Agoda is prepared to risk its necks in relation to pricings, then it must certainly be optimistic to offer the best rates.

But then it's downhill for me. Choosing the first booking options led Agoda to redirect me from Agoda's booking page to the real owner of the ticket (i.e. the booking page of Malaysia Airlines): Then why should you make a booking through Agoda? As I gave Agoda some leeway, I chose to browse the current page of Malaysia Airlines to see if Agoda had a specific agreement with the carrier for a lower one.

The redirection of postings becomes a nuisance when it comes to what Agoda refers to as "Hacker Fares". A" hacker fare" is when a traveler book with two different carriers trying to take advantage of a lower fare for flights from a particular city. Look at this Agoda option: It would take me to go to two different sites run by different carriers and make sure that each trip is available before I make individual reservations for each route.

This is a very laborious procedure to save costs in comparison to the other websites (which offer a comfortable all-in booking when booking a flight with different airlines). There' re other (one plane) planes that would take me to London at similar fares! It' s also not clear if there is any kind of shopping discounts when you are booking both air and hotel with them.

An initial check of Agoda's booking pages suggests that the two schemes are separate: There' s no parcel service and the log-in information for Agoda seems to be different from that for Agoda travel. Being a traveler, I do not anticipate using Agoda's booking system in the near future, except perhaps as an alternate skyscanngine.

It really does not seem to be any useful for the use of their booking service. Agoda, if you are viewing this, please remember to change your booking system to (i) better integrate it into your hospitality booking service; and (ii) add value to a traveler's overall shopping experi┬Čence.

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