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Agooda Batam

Large discounts on Batam Island Hotels, Indonesia. The Travelodge Batam is located in the commercial centre of Batam and has a heated indoor swimming pool, a restaurant and elegant rooms. Situated in the heart of the Batam Center overlooking the city and the sea, the hotel is within walking distance of the Batam Center International Ferry Terminal.

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No Agoda accounts have this email-adress. While Batam Island may be a small stretch of country, it has a great impact when it comes to being an excursion spot. The most frequent type of lodging is full-service resort that takes full benefit of the riverside promenade. The Batam Islands are particularly attractive for beach and canoeing.

Batam is linked to Barelang Iceland by a web of links, and some of the best places to visit are here. Galang has a long tradition of memorial sites and photos to commemorate the post-war Afghan camps. Waterfront City's touristic growth is also a peaceful place to be.

Food on Batam Island focuses on sea food, with the evenings market on the water being an unforgettable one. Each resort offers a wide range of food and the more beautiful restaurants have a wide selection of wines. The Batam Island is a duty-free area, which makes importing beer and wines very accessible.

The Batam Island interactivity card provides information on hotels, tourist sites and more.

The Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam in Batam Island

The Nagoya Hill Batam is an excellent complement to Batam Island and a good option for travellers. The 4-star resort is only 18 km away from the international airports. Because of its favourable position, the guesthouse provides simple entrance to the sights of the town. The Nagoya Hill Batam also has many ways to enhance your experience in Batam Island.

On the spot our guest can benefit from 24-hour room services, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, a guided tour of the house, tickets and wheelchairs. There are 234 rooms to suit all tastes, all of which radiate an ambience of absolute tranquillity and serenity. After an eventful and relaxing days in the town, the resort provides excellent amenities such as a gym, saunas, outdoor swimming pools, spas and music.

If you are looking for accommodation in Batam Island that is cosy and cosy, make Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam your home.

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