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Large discounts on hotels in Melbourne, Australia. Big cost saving and genuine evaluations No Agoda accounts have this email-adress. it' a 30-minute ride downtown. A town with a cold atmosphere, broad alleys and Vectorian architectural style. Suburban areas such as St Kilda, Prahran and Carlton are well linked to the town centre by a convenient and effective tramway connection.

Abbotsford Convent is an ideal place for anyone interested in art, education and cultural activities. The Etihad Stadium and Her Majesty's Theatre are great places for big sports activities and music. In any case, the visitor will find himself at Flinders Street Stop, the train terminal that runs the whole urban area.

The Queen Victoria Market and Bourke Street Mall offer buyers everything from products from the area to cosmetic and outfits. Night life is packed with dancing nightclubs and trendy nightclubs in the town. Find out about Melbourne's hotels, sights and places of interest on the Melbourne interactivity worldmap.

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Carlton, Melbourne. Next to it is a car service company. There is a sky bus transfer to and from Tullamarine airport from the road nook, just a few metres from the front doors. The welcome is neat, orderly and fashionable. The personnel is very supportive and the café at the front desk makes great coffees, although they don't take EFTPOS, and closes around 3 pm (see picture!).

Arriving early you will be given the opportunity to do an early check-in, but that costs an additional $22 AUD for one lesson too early in my case. If you wish, you can of course stay at our front desk until you have checked in (2 p.m.). When I opened the room 203, I found out that my room was one of the smallest I had ever lived in.

There was more room for Ronnie Barker in his porridge! Since I had no measuring tapes, I ran out of ground area and it was approx. 5m x 3m, inclusive the en suites. Minimum stock. I had a hinged stand for my trunk, but it took up most of the ground and thus created a traffic circle on the way to the bathroom.

Some of the rest of the stowage room was locked by the ground vault (I don't think there was nowhere else in the room where the vault could have been installed without making it an obstacle). There' just enough room for a briefcase under the bunk next to the vault.

There would have been more useful stowage room if the berth had been resting on feet instead of a sturdy skirting board. You may ask for more at the front desk, but I think there might be another charge (especially since you have to pick up the linen in your room).

There was an apron on the entrance to my room that kept the lights from glowing underneath, but although it was a strong room it didn't obstruct much sound from the hallway. The problem, I think, is a bad draft shield around the doors. There is no electric water boiler, teapot or espresso maker in the room, no electric irons (but you can use the linen if you want to make a friend and are not too busy).

Some travelers may be confused when they need to find out what is not covered and then devote part of their vacation to making a checklist and buy or rent what they need at the front desk.

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