Air and Rental car Packages

Car and air car rental packages

We offer them from many of the major airlines. The Expedia rates for air fares are quite average. Journey between them with Rent a car. It is a flexible package. Choose the number of nights you want to stay in each city, the hotel and the activities.

A holiday pack has been arranged that contains the car rental. Which are the conditions for a car rental?

Car rental is available for 21 year and older chauffeurs with approved driving licence and payment cards - both on behalf of the chauffeur. Some states require riders to be 25 years of age or over. There may be extra charges for riders under the age of 25.

Furthermore, many Hertz sites do not allow the use of direct debits at the point of collection. To verify that it accepts debit/debit card, please visit the Hertz pick-up point indicated. Customers can also be subjected to a solvency assessment if they have accepted debt card. What can I do to modify my pre-trip holiday pack?

The 3,897 best reviews and complaints about Expedia

In general, I have had good results with Expedia. Last year I made a journey to Peru and one of the hotels couldn't find my booking (seems to be one of the most frequent issues with Expedia in my experience) and the other was not open when I showed up at 11 pm - the doors were closed and everything.

Naturally, our client services didn't mind that they beached us abroad because of a reservation we made on their website at 11 pm and simply said: "Sorry. "We bought a round-trip flight from Toronto to Rome with reservations in Rome. However, when I phoned Expedia support, they said they couldn't refund my fines for airlines.

Side said that the fines of the carrier vary from $150 to $200 per capita, but client services alleged that it will be $300 per capita. Terrible support agent couldn't even get my reservations cancelled even though I phoned more than 1 months before the departure.

Over and over again she said that they would call the guesthouse and do nothing about the cancelation fee. I was frustrated by the awful services and total contempt for the insurances I bought on their own website. It' s a frustration that a business like Expedia will offer such a horrific one. I will never return to Expedia to learn anything if they cannot solve this problem.

Four return trips from LAX to Athens, Greece were bought via Expedia. We should call Expedia immediately for a name check because AA cannot check the name if we book through Expedia while she is making the booking and checking in the other three people. Each of us was talking for 30 mins at Expedia, they handed us over to Bristish Airways, who said the agency didn't open until 9am EST.

After another 15 min. waiting period we phoned British Airways, somebody eventually said that we have to call FinAir? After 45 mins of waiting, they said there was nothing they could do. At this point AA could do nothing and we happened to check-in our tickets for the cruise.

Again, we phoned Expedia to make sure our return ticket was still in order. You said that since the system showed NO SHOW, the system will also void the return ticket unless we call FinAir. Again we phoned FinAir to ask them to abandon the return ticket and asked, as the return was in 2 week's time, they could name it and still refuse because the ticket was purchased through Expedia.

It was something Expedia had to face. So we bounced off one carrier after another and spend tens of millions of extra bucks on Expedia. Hi Expedia, you need to take good look at your clients when something like our condition has occurred, instead of cleaning your hand and directing your clients to nowhere to escape your responsibilities and reduce the strain on your clients.

I' ve reserved airfields with Hawaiian and after I have selected my details and airfields, you will be asked on the website if you want to include a car or restaurant in your air booking. I' ve added a motel without realizing that once you have made your air bookings, they will be regarded as part of a holiday plan and from that moment on the booking will be held and managed by Expedia (even the air share).

Wanting to retrofit my airplane seating (which is usually possible in, I was outraged when I found out I couldn't negotiate directly with Hawaiian because I added the motel I was compelled to trade with Expedia. And instead of trying to bill me for the differences between the currently released rates and a modification rate, Expedia tried to bill me for three time what I had spent on airfare.

Much more than that, our client services are horrific. Not being honest, the operative tried to allege that she was at Air in Hawaii, but the calling party ID clearly said Expedia. Unfortunately, this is not the first negative Expedia ever had. It seems to me that HAWAIAN AIR is conscious of Expedia's call and therefore you will find the absence of disclosures through their so-called common platforms.

Wikipedia even states the following if it is the Expedia Group: "The Expedia is known for its failure to provide prompt reimbursement for cancellations of travel or flight. "MEIN Ratschlag would be to research before making reservations of travel on-line to make sure that Expedia is not implicated. This means that I would avoid Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago, HomeAway, etc.) I would directly deal with the real estate reservation, if at all possible, the few bucks you could be saving with Expedia are definitely not going to be a headache if you get there and your room is not as described, the conditions were not as specified, etc. I would go directly to the real estate reservation, if at all possible, the few bucks you could be saving with Expedia are definitely not going to be a headache if you get there and your room is not as described, the conditions were not as specified, etc.

I' ve been calling to call off all four tickets with two month grace. But I had to make an application to the airline insurer without the certainty that I would get any cash back. What is the reason for paying a surcharge for cancelling a ticket?

Don't use Expedia!!!!!!!!! Where do I know I can rely on these ratings from Expedia? I' ve reserved a room on Expedia and I' ve filled in my credentials. There was a 15% voucher that I could present upon arriving at the Guest House Inn & Suites. The Expedia Prize was 139. When I checked out the next morning, I asked the guesthouse to certify the rate and get a bill.

but they couldn't give me a voucher because I reserved through Expedia. I realized later that night that Expedia took the 139. and I talked to several guys and even the executive. You did not stick to the rate the guesthouse demanded because the voucher did not pass through you.

There was a voucher for the Expedia motel and Expedia essentially steal $35. I just wanted to give others a heads-up before they used Expedia. It is a fraud to make a living with your reservations. When I had purchased a plane ticket and taken out "Change for Any Reason" coverage, but when it came to changing or cancelling my reservation, the "Any Reason" did not work.

On the other hand, one stage of my journey was canceled ( not any of my activities) and it was not possible to make another reservation without additional payment and even more to assure the new stage of our journey. Expedia and I spend 2 hrs with them when they hang up, when I get mad and nothing gets solved!

NEVER use Expedia again. I' ve made a booking with Expedia for two Hahn Airways fares of $268.20. Shortly after, an Expedia agent phoned me and told me that Expedia no longer had places on Hahn Airways' flights, but they could refer me to Myanmar National Airlines instead.

Afterwards, I got a receipts from Expedia which shows the fee for two Myanmar National Airlines ticket as $134,10. The Expedia debited my $268 to my bank account. 20 anyway. I' ve been talking to Expedia for quite a few straight business hour, sending them email confirmations of my Myanmar National Airways bill and receipts.

My last e-mail I got from Expedia says that my problems with the "hotel" have already been solved. Fortunately, I've never been to a Expedia before. You obviously didn't even check my e-mail, let alone understood that the trouble was with a plane. I' ll never use Expedia again! Actually, I was booking an overnight stay on the Expedia website.

This website set the wrong date, two week in the near term, when I got to the check-in on the same date as the book, they couldn't find the reservations, so I had to repay at the counter because they couldn't use the incorrect date. I canceled the Expedia entry.

The EXPEDIA company declined to return the funds withdrawn on the same date. Don't confide in Expedia. got me a reservation for a motel. I' ve reserved a Hilton Fallsview suites for 288. They told me it was 412. Visit the hotel's website directly and make your booking.

At Expedia we like to keep a leash on humans with air still trapped, acting like they're looking for their managers or making a call to their airlines. You' re trying to piss off the client so he can go. Almost 3 and a half hour after attempting to resolve a particular issue, book a plane with the wrong name.

Expedia has the option of cancelling a trip and changing it with a different passenger name. As Expedia does not have direct contact with JetBlue's reservation banking, Expedia has the loan and the option to change the reservation. Nearly 2 hrs later, during the waiting time, the after sales department loses contact with me.

It' only my second with Expedia.

Particularly after my bro was telling me how they doubly debited him and his friend (two different debit cards) for making a stop in Chicago. Came to Expedia, disputed seeing that they had both loaded maps. Calling Amex, they suggested he should stay until after his journey, as Expedia is known to call off a whole journey in a case of conflict.

The lesson is to use the same map for all your transaction, because Expedia stores your information even when you ask for a map. Nevertheless, Expedia tried to deny that she had been charged twice, even though my older sister and his boyfriend had notes of the two accusations. Returning to my argument, and more than 3 hrs on the telephone, a supervisor came and suggested to make the adjustment for a re-booking charge and the extra charge between balance and real costs of the new tickets... $144!

I' ve reserved a room in a motel for my older mom. Arriving at the motel to be checked in, she was said that her Expedia booking had not been canceled due to any vacancies. Expedia was selling me a room in a goddamn inn that didn't even have it. When I was invoiced for the room, the Expedia informs me that there is no free space.

Take extreme care that Expedia doesn't offer you a room that doesn't actually have one. You have no view of the free capacity of the hotels and only offer rooms that you might or might not want to buy. Booking always directly with the guesthouse. I' m NEVER gonna reuse, NEVER reuse Expedia. The Expedia really does suck. I' m terribly disappointed with 800-number support.

Calling the number on the website. Well, I phoned again. After a second call back I was asked to wait for a call between 15-20 or so. This, too, guarantees a 24-hour wait. All I can say is that the guaranteed 24-hour delivery isn't really a thing.

At any rate, I am annoyed that I have been led astray, to waste my precious moment trying to make contacts. As long as the business has a 24-hour support and promotes itself as such, it should be a genuine one. And if the organization is telling you that you can anticipate a recall at one point or another - then they should be able to do so.

On this point, apart from some extraordinary client assistance regarding the issue where I still have to try to get their help, I question whether I will use their facilities again. For me as a client, that was extremely irreverent. I' MORE than willing to make available the LENGTH call list of my mobile telephone to verify it, and the e-mail inquiry I sent them while I was queuing - AND the point I tried to make on their Facebook page to verify this deceptive servicing state.

Don't use Expedia to make your travel to Europe reservation. 2 hrs waiting only to be asked by the casual "customer service" agent to get bored. Through Expedia I have made bookings for flights (departure 08.02.2018) and hotels. As we arrived at the airfield, we were informed that our plane had been cancelled and we had to switch our plane.

There was a queue with a little kid for almost an hours and a half, and when it came our turn, we were informed that our plane actually took place on 08.03.2018. Air Canada's agent informed us that this had been modified by Expedia. They gave us a number to call and said there was nothing Air Canada could do.

It was Expedia we phoned and were on the telephone for over an hours trying to solve the problem. We' ve been informed there's nothing to do. We only had the choice of flying at 8:30 the next morning and were able to prolong our journey (which we cannot do, as almost everyone who travels in our group has to go back to work).

and I asked for a reimbursement. I' ve just checked my e-mails and found that we have been reimbursed for the fare but not for the room in the room. We were not to blame for not being able to travel; our plane was cancelled by the carrier and we had to spend a very long period of our lives at the airports to solve this problem.

Expedia personnel made it seem that they were doing us this big favour (by reimbursing the ticket costs) and said that it was the airline's responsibility to cancel the trip. I' ve been using Expedia for over ten years for my trips and I have been very satisfied with it in the past.

Anyway, last year Expedia was horrible for our client services. My modified route has not been refreshed, so it has no entry about my new one. Nobody in client services knows what to do, and they thoughtlessly replicate the script-driven dialog without providing a solution.

You don't get any services from them and you don't get much discounts. Directly call your local airline or airline to make a booking or use another on-line website. The Expedia (at this time) is badly managed. Through Expedia, I reserved a 2-night Napier resort for you. NZ's website for Expedia is awful.

Either a single email account or a single telephone number was not available anywhere on the site, and the Customer Service icon did not work. Tried to send an email in reply to an email sent to me by Expedia, but it went straight to the motel. Expedia was able to process the cancellations, but was not able to provide a full reimbursement.

Any other attempt to reach Expedia was fruitless. But when we spent the evening in the overnight accomodation, the hostess was sympathetic and gave us a telephone number for Expedia. Ever since - 2 1/2 week ago - I have tried to call the firm, but I have only received the message "Dedicated".

I' ll keep trying, but we will NEVER go back to Expedia. I had to travel a different route because the Philippine Airlines flights had a different timetable. No more than 10 numbers were allowed in the text field where you enter your number. Had to use my US Simon on my cell that is AT&T.

I' ve been on the telephone for 40 minutes. Dude on the line said Philippine Airlines would be paying for me with Korean Airlines. I was stressed all the way through because I had to go on August 2. I never got an e-mail from what he said he'd do.

Well, I phoned again on August 1. It turned out that the Corean plane was rejected by Filipino carriers and Expedia never sent me an email about it. Got to keep paying the hotels for an additional night, and from that point on I've been on the telephone for 16 minutes for 1h.

Multipolate that by $3 and put it on my telephone bill. I am very dissapointed by the way Expedia processed my reservation in April at the Kempinsky in Accra, Ghana. Corresponding to their advertisement with their services, I would have spared $229.88 compared to the amount I would have spent if I had traded directly with the hospital.

Things went well at the motel. Thousand minus what Expedia billed me! Well, I phoned her and asked for an answer. I' ve written a few times and sent a copy of the goddamn bill. I' ve been using Expedia for some considerable amount of now, and I wonder how many times they caught me with the same one.

I' m reserving a sightseeing tour and an all-inclusive in Cancun, Mexico (Sandos Lifestyle Resort) with When I celebrated my jubilee with my spouse, it turned out to be the hardest thing to say before I booked my journey and made the payments, I phoned Expedia to make sure I was buying what I got... a double berth with a partially sea facing lookout.

Our client services told me that everything would be exactly as I wanted it to be. By the time I got into my room, you know what? 2 big beds that actually seemed like a double I went looking for a managers at the spa and he accused EXPEDIA. Said this is how Expedia made the reservations.....

Calling Expedia. Every single one of those times, Expedia kept me on standby. Call Expedia to get a refund. Your solutions were no longer posted through you. I received an e-mail from Expedia informing me that my reservation had been canceled. And they also said they would call me, but I even phoned my operator and there are no phone conversations from them.

and they said they authorized it, so they were lying again. Eight e-mails over three consecutive week periods were sent to Expedia to try to fix a mistake they had made that was costing me $1,000. You ignored all my e-mails until I finally phoned. I will never again be booking with Expedia and warn others to stay away from this terrible outfit.

Got a holiday pack to Orlando with a rental car from Budget. Had to fix the issue quickly, so I phoned Budget and nobody responded, so I went to the Hertz switch to buy a car to begin my holiday. Expedia website didn't show my budget day course, so I couldn't get them to compare it.

Expedia came to me to get my budget reimbursement because I didn't collect a car from them, but they declined to return the additional cash I had been spending at Hertz. Expedia has been told that I believed that they had exercised due care in relation to the providers they offered and, above all, that budget was the first item on the site's option listing at the time of reservation.

I' m very sorry to disappoint you. Beware, if you are booking a journey to Europe, they would not tell you on Expedia that the 23 kg baggage is not covered, so you have to foot the bill at the airports! Ticketing is shit. Contacting Expedia by telephone, I said that I needed a room with two singlebeds, as two older, tall men would stay for several nights.

The Expedia has reconfirmed the booking at Palace Station. On arriving at the resort, Expedia's booking did not need two single rooms and there were no such rooms. For the next six (6) I stayed on the telephone with Expedia who was sent from Henderson and Las Vegas to find one with an open room with two single bunks.

Over and over again Expedia sent me to a hotel with only one single room in a single room. Eventually, at almost 12:00 p.m., they found a room on the extreme western side of Las Vegas (30 leagues from the Henderson conference) that was twice as expensive as the initial booking because it was made at the last second.

The Expedia spoke verbatim to the motel while I stood at the reception of the motel. At the end, my $300 booking cost me nearly $800 and plenty of fuel and travelling expenses for the entire length of the conference. For my friend and myself I have reserved 4 plane fares for August 24, 2018 from Madrid, Spain to Rome, Italy and we will be travelling from Florida, USA to Madrid on August 20, so we will be in Europe on August 20.

Since I know that I have my airline ticket reservations, I don't have to be worried until I can register 24hrs before the date I book them first. Well, it happens that I have reviewed my reservations 24 hrs after buying the ticket and I have found that these guys have a date mistake, they posted them on July 24 instead of August 24 a months before so that we are in Europe, as you can see if we will be in Europe on August 20, how come they posted my ticket for July 24 between Spain and Italy.

In order to make it quick, I phoned my client services (by the way, they hung up on me several times). When you are clever, do not make a booking with Expedía. As many other folks have said, it' s really poor here and if you have issues like this, they won't give you a workaround.

You' gonna be wasting your fucking precious fucking tide and losing your fucking cash. Client has raised the scoring by 1 Star! And after a whole tag and I mean my whole working days trying to solve my problem with Expedia. Talked to a great guy on the telephone, Mr. Ernesto ** (all caps off for this gentleman), it took several tries and 4 hrs waiting but it was really rewarding.

The Expedia needs to enhance their client services capabilities, such as, but the worst was a super intendent called Mr. William ** poor, poor social competence and impolite, but they have a few big ones who try their best to help you in their best possible way, such as Imari, Debbie, Vanessa and overall the best of all Mr. William.

And if I mean the poorer client services, they shouldn't even be in the store. Beginning with their account manager, they are not competent or useful in any way. Do not use or order anything with it. If you contact a superior, don't let them talk to you or explain the problem and then put the telephone up; if you call back, they won't give you the superior's name.

We' re gonna try this again next Tuesday, so I got a one-way ticket. Description of accomodation and additional costs, charges are not correct. I had the most bad experiences with Expedia. We' re coming to the motel, and they say it's overloaded. Expedia does this on a regular basis and Expedia says its OK because they have a good ecosystem of properties and they can easily move you to any other room.

Having called about 10 calls to service and spoken to different people every single call, they did nothing. Not to mention that we can solve any problem around the reservation of a room in the midnight. No need to say I was nightless for the first goddamn thing in my Iife.

Thank you Expedia! I' m going to make it my own task to make sure that the terrible commercial practice of Expedia attracts people' s attention.

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