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Don't trust Air Car Rental and I strongly advise you not to rent from them. The Air Auto Car Rental offers you the perfect transport solution for your holiday in the sunny Algarve. Unfortunately, our first time at Faro airport was shaken by the appalling behaviour of Air Auto. Cheap car hire for Air Auto in Portugal. Find customer reviews for Air Auto car hire throughout Portugal.

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We offer you the most popular car rental categories according to your wishes. The only way to travel to Spain is to select the supplementary health plan for Spain on the reservation page. CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with a deductible depending on the car model; third party responsibility; theft protection and roadside help.

Yes, by choosing the Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (SCDW) when you book your car. Accepted payment methods are Euro, VISA and Mastercard. American Express is only accepted for pre-bookings on our website via Paypal. American Express payment at the ticket office for reservation, petrol deposit and charges is not accepted.

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I and my ancestors have just come back from the Algarve, where we rented a car through Arriving at Faro airport, we went to the newsstand on the other side of the parking lot to find a long cue, 45 min to be exact. That part was okay, but then you have to go and find your car, which was a challenge and there was no one with us to inspect the car for it.

We had a good car and it accompanied us through the whole month without any problem, we refilled the car with gas oline and then we reached the parking lot, where we brought the car back exactly to the place where it was found.

Sadly I took a whole bunch of pictures of the car for him (and I mean a bunch of photos) when we picked up the car, but still he said that the damages on the picture were on the other side of the car from what he showed. It was a very light, sunshiny morning when I took the pictures, when I returned it was hazy and overcast, which worked in my favor.

At the end he somehow consented, but said, if I get an e-mail, I'll mail the pictures I took. Then I took more pictures of the car at a safe distance from him, the wheather and the newsstand in the foreground. Don't rely on Air Car Rental and I strongly recommend you don't rent from them.

However, if you do this, make sure that the damages on the car coincides with the leaf and if not say they (very thoroughly), plus take many pictures, many. Inspect the underside of the bumper for damages that some folks may not see as they tried to do with us.

Not recommending Air Auto Car Herre. I' m sure the other car rental firms will be similar. It' s been a while since I used Air Auto, and I must confess I've never had a handicap on the few times I've used it. On this camera tag on all cell mobiles there really is no apology for any of us, and this council should NOT use ANY MATE from whom we rent our vehicles.

GENERAL: The issue for all car rental firms is that you should examine the damages they have highlighted on the covenant. When you find any extra damages, ask the agent to note them on the policy. You can find delivery trucks with the name of the landlord and they are located near the rental vehicles.

I' ve been to the airfield lately just to see what's going on (generally at all car rentals). Never use Air Auto under any circumstance. I' ve just come back from a four-day journey and noticed many scrapes and bumps in the car when I picked up the car.

So when we gave the car back, they did their regular check and immediately went to a small marker among many others and said that it was new and wanted 150 euros. We didn't tag or puncture the car on my record. Those two automobiles outside the airfield were empty.

We' ve got this car through Economy Car Rental. I' m also going to make a complain to the economy, but I am warning all coming visitors against staying away from this rental company. Please, we asked to see the prior car claim form from the prior rental, but not to go. It is my strong belief that your job here is to cheat the tourist, not to be a landlord.

I' ve got a completely different view of Air Auto than the before. I and my wife and daughter have just come back from a two-week journey to the Algarve and have hired a car from Air Auto. We' ve been hiring from Air Auto for several years and have always been very, very satisfied, not only with our rental services, but also with their after sales support.

The car we rented was very neat and we had no problem with it during our journey. On our descent the Air Auto staff carried out a fast car check and found no problem. At the beginning of my article, my wife and daughter and I have been hiring from Air Auto for many years and have always been very happy with it.

We' ve been recommending Air Auto to our best friend and will keep doing so and use Air Auto ourselves when we go to Portugal. I' ve recently come back from a holiday in Portugal, where I hired a car from Air Auto at Faro Airport via your website. But I had to stay in the center of the parking lot (Air Auto is a cabin in the center of the parking lot and they don't use a computer, it's all hand-written, which is very safe for cardholders!) for more than 1 hours in the outdoors.

Only used the car for the 20 miles from the airfield to the motel and then stayed in the hotel's secured parking lot for a whole weekend. Upon return of the car to the airfield, the Air Auto woman went directly to the front right hand side of the car and pointed to a "scratch".

At a very precise look (even a camcorder struggling to take the mark), a small surface marking could be seen that was hardly visible under the car's debris and did not even need a T-cut to be removed. At any rate, an ostensible "damage" was definitely not my fault.

They immediately said that I had to buy this very minimum brand for 225 Euro. Air Auto's agent and her co-worker were very rebellious and harassed. When I got home, I immediately canceled my payment with my plastic but it was too long to stop Air Auto a second times for 225 Euro without permission or cause.

We' ve talked to other passengers on our trip who had received exactly the same handling with this firm and have since seen a large number of commentaries on a number of on-line panels all saying that Air Auto is known for this fraud - both immediately pointing to a non-existent scratches on the car's returns and recharging without-authorization.

Usually I rent a car for work and free time and have never seen anything like it. I' ll never use scammers like Air Auto again. We' ve just come back from Portugal and we would encourage anyone with the most commentary on this subject to stay away from this business.

The car was 4 years old with a lot of scrapes and markings everywhere, which proved useful when we returned it, because they couldn't show any new scrapes, although they looked good! They, too, had scrapes on their car and although they took pictures when they picked it up (it was already dark), Air Auto was insisting on their comeback that it was an extra scrape for which they would be billed 150 Euro!

From now on we will be avoiding any car rental company that works from a parking lot because we were also cheated in Murcia, Spain, this year!

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