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I would like to buy air travel and would like to recommend which airlines the booking pages are generally best for and which are not legal. They provide services via websites such as Travel Merry? Somebody can give me instructions to these pages? Some pages also ask you to reserve a ticket that only shows the carrier as "Major Carrier" or "Major US Carrier".

I hesitate to provide my credentials if they do not even provide the carrier at the moment of booking? The most of the pages you mention are searching pages, not pages where you actually buy them. The majority of professionals on here suggest to buy only from the airlines themselves. These" bargains" you see are usually not real prices and when you buy the ticket, you will find that they have been disappear!

You can reserve your flight directly with the airlines. Simply fill in the information and you will receive an ad of the different books that sell the cards. Type one of these books name in the field above your query and browse this board and check out all the issues and concerns that arise.

There is no point in introducing an additional level (the third tier ) between myself and the carrier. It' s much simpler to make a booking directly with my preferred carrier so I can select exactly what I want, administer my booking on their APP on my iPad, select my places and for my trip on the APP I can register.

Even if the carrier has a timetable or timetable modification, I would worry that the third coincidental booking didn't give this information to me. When I make a booking directly, I receive an e-mail from the airlines about a timetable modification. Browse through all third-party ticket questions or seek Lexexpress assistance and help you reduce your travel costs.

Yes, these third person related issues are easily recognized in this forums, as they often include the words Scam, Rip-Off, etc. in the name of the issue..... It' easy: just research the pages you mentioned, but ALWAYS make reservations on the airline's pages less trouble and no need to come back here and do something with the third provider!

Oh, and use ITA matrix, Google fligths, SkyScanner as your air travel scan tool, NOT as a resource to find the agent you can use to make a booking. Make your reservation with the airlines.

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