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Canadian and US airports available subject to availability. Are you looking for a car rental in Bel Air? Canvassing of other Moroccan vendors The customer support was very good, the material was very kind and supportive. I will recommend all my buddies and my families to make a reservation with AirCar. The car was as announced and by rental car confirm.

When picking up the car, the car rental agency asked for the car to be delivered clean and tidied.

For the first I see it in a rental car.

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Air Car Rental - Please help us! I' ve reserved a car through Economy Bookings and it seems that I have reserved with a firm named "Aircar Marocco". The FAR's Av (pres de Kitea)" in Fez. Anybody know about this firm or has he got the necessary expertise? Air Car Rental - Please help us!

Air Car Rental - Please help us! In Fès, "Al Fath, Av des FAR (pres de Kitea)" means Residence (a contemporary apartment block) al Fath, Avenue of the FAR (no clue what the name is), next to Kitea (a furnishing and furnishing house based on the model of IKEA, which has an unhappy name in Arabic).

I' d call it off and I' d make a booking with a better-known firm. Air Car Rental - Please help us! It' a legal business and it exists. Air Car Rental - Please help us! I have only return from Kasablanca and used planes, they are in the major airports in pick up two: I found them as good as the others I have at cashablanca. make a booking directly for a better business than the cyber6:):

Air Car Rental - Please help me! hi, I found this car rental completely inacceptable! it's ok that they take bail (although it's quite a bit - 1000 EUR!), but I took the car back 9 nights ago and my cash is still put on ice, although they said it would be released within 7 working nights.

and I' m sure I won't be hiring her again in the nearevent. Air Car Rental - Please help us! Hello Linda, most car rental agencies put a security of about 1000 Euro on your ticket. The lock will expire after 5-7 working nights as long as there is no injury or damages to the car.

Air Car Rental - Please help us! We used Aircar car rental via in July. Air Car Rental - Please help us!

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