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Reduced fares from San Jose. All rates below were last found: Cost of an airline ticket or a trip. 1st / Business Class fare or upgrade. If you choose an Avalon river cruise or a small boat cruise, we will book the flights and negotiate the best fare.

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Being able to precisely evaluate and view travel routes is an essential part of your selling experience. With the help of automatic regulations and taxation, net tariffs, commercial tariffs and personal tariffs are calculated precisely and quickly to make sure that the right tariff is used for each voyage from a single one-way voyage to a multi-segment voyage.

Airfare Price allows you to unpack your existing rates, boost your revenue with additional benefits or change your itinerary. You can also fully integrate it into third-party reservationsystems. The Airfare Price offers a range of features that cover the entire flight and GDS fare processes and provide the necessary information and interface to assist call centres, ticketing and online selling experiences.

fare conditions on flights

Prices are based on availablility at the moment of reservation and are only valid after purchase and issue of e-tickets. Airfare may be changed without advance notification before the e-ticket is released. Rates may not be available on all services and/or trip data, while certain rates may only be available for new reservations.

Rates include state and federal passenger charges, security charges of September 11, federal segment federal for U.S. trips, arrival and departure duties for U.S. trips abroad, U.S. federal consumption duties for trips to Alaska and Hawaii, and other U.S. federal charges and duties for trips abroad. Charges and duties may vary by laws or rates of exchanges if they are levied in a different one.

The full fare, inclusive of all duties and charges, must be payed at the moment of sale. Non-empty duties and charges (e.g. a departures charge levied at an aerodrome and charged directly to a member of the government) are not covered by the fare and must be directly charged to the competent authorities.

Given the liberalisation of airfare, this agent cannot ensure that the price indicated on an e-ticket will be the lower price at the time of take-off. There may be a fee for canceling or rebooking your current e-tickets. If you have any queries, please review your flight booking when you get it and do not hesitate to do so.

There are certain limitations on most rebate and promotion airfare, which include, but are not restricted to, which are fully non-refundable and/or involve a modification of the booking-fee. Certain rates are restricted by date and hour of the trip and many rates also include minimal and/or maximal sojourns. In the event that you need to reverse or modify your e-ticket booking, please notify us immediately, but no later than the next regular flight's start date.

If you do not notify us before your planned take-off (if you do not appear for a flight), the value of the e-ticket and the cancelation of all down-line reservations for this e-ticket booking will be forfeited. A permit is necessary for business air traffic. If you are travelling within Germany to the USA, a current official identity document (e.g. driving licence) is necessary.

A duly endorsed pass for each individual, even for a child, is necessary for travelling internationally. The traveller is ultimately responsible for ensuring that he has all the necessary documentation to conclude his itinerary. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requests that we provide the passenger's full name and date of origin when making reservations for all U.S. U.S. domestic trips.

The TSA will require the full name, date of origin, pass number, date of issuance of the pass and the issuance authorities for all foreign trips that originate in the USA, end in the USA or cross the USA before an e-ticket can be made out. TSA stipulates that every e-ticket booking corresponds exactly to the ID card in force at the date of the trip.

In the case of internal fligths, please book at least 2 hrs before take-off and at least 3 hrs before take-off for IM. If you do not register in time, the carrier may refuse you entry and lose the value of your e-ticket.

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