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It offers airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and holiday packages. It has never been easier to book flights for the cruise holiday of life. If a flight is delayed, we inform our guests and keep them informed by SMS and/or e-mail. From Antigua we offer direct flights to Barbuda and private air charter. Flights to Nashville International Airport.

Cheap flights to Reykjavik from USA and Canada

Reykjavik is a nice seaside town set in the midst of breathtaking mountain scenery. It is a nice town itself, but we suggest a full days out of the town. Included in the beloved Golden Circle excursion are the gorgeous Gullfoss Falls, a full-flowing geysir and the stunning Thingvellir NP.

Iceland and its most popular geothermic resort, the Blue Lagoon, is a must if you are here. Iceland is also an excellent place for a trip with the aurora borealis. Reykjavik has many large and small swimminpools and resorts. It' s inexpensive to go to amazing open-air baths with whirlpools full of geothermic waters, as well as sauna and bath.

Icelandic people speak of "swimming", but the only real sports are in the whirlpools (or small talking pools, as the natives call them). Icelandic people are fans of coffeehouses and Reykjavik is full of enchanting coffees. Have a few and speak to the people. Inquire about the art and musical scenes for which Reykjavik is so well known.

Date/Flights changes

Please note that all changes will be reversed and you must make a new enquiry either on-line or by reservation. Please note that all custom wishes will be reversed in the initial reservation. As I know, if changes are made within 24 hrs of take-off, certain specific wishes cannot be made.

" Will I need to confirm my outward and inward bookings again? May I apply for a place? Is it possible to order a specific food? Subscriptions can be made up to seven calendar days ahead and you will be immediately informed if a delayed or cancelled timetable affects your itinerary.

Will I need to confirm my outward and inward bookings again? There is no need to confirm your outward and inward flights if the following requirements are met: you have bought the tickets and are travelling according to your validated route and have provided your full address information for each stopover on your route.

May I apply for a place? Some of the seating facilities are not open for security and operational use. Reservers who have used our pre-selection services are requested to finalise the check-in process at least one hours before departure. Is it possible to order a specific food?

Reservations for meal specials are available to travelers for ages, health, dietary and religion requirements, please inform EVA of your reservation at least 24hrs in advance. Requests for some particular mealtimes must be made at least 72 hrs in advance of take-off or may not be available from some wards.

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