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Watch out for the car rental companies E-Z Rent-A-Car and Thrifty upon your arrival in Florida. Locate exclusive packages to all your favorite destinations and save $$$$. Book flights for most major airlines. It is also possible to sort your search by airline, departure time, flight duration and other criteria. The package includes air and airport taxes, accommodation, car rental and tours.

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In Amex Travel - Best ways to book flights, hotels, car rentals[Guide]

Amex Express is mainly known as a provider of loyalty cards and payment cards, but also provides other related goods and related service, which includes reservation and scheduling with Amex Travels. Whilst American Express Travels is available to everyone (not just members ), keeping an Amex membership can definitely help you add value to your use of the programme.

This guidebook takes a look at what Amex Travels is, what it offers, what it cost and how best to use it.... when it's profitable! Where is Amex Traveller? American Express Traveller is an on-line reservation site (or "on-line travelling agency") such as Expedia, Kayak and Orbitz.

It can be used to reserve an entire journey or only parts of it, such as flights, accommodation (or flights + accommodation packages), car rentals or even cruise ships. It is also possible to make a booking by telephone. There may be small charges for flights reserved through the website. Sometimes, however, these charges can be worthwhile and are not applicable to American Express Platinum Cardýholders.

Some subcategories are also grouped under the Amex Traveller roof, among them The Hotel Collection and Fine Hotels and Resorts. Might you use Amex Traveller? American Express Travel's primary purpose is to provide unbelievable levels of client support. When you encounter a problem during your journey (e.g. delay, cancellation, overbooking, etc.), you can call a 24/7 mobile agency who will work with you to find a workaround.

If you have an American Express membership credit cardholder, you can often collect 2x or more points by using it to purchase your American Express membership through Amex. If you use American Express Platinum Card®, you can collect 5X Membership Rewards points on flights that have been directly purchased with an airline or American Express Traveller.

The same applies to Amex Travel reserved properties. Each time you make a reservation through the Amex Portal (either alone or as part of a package), you will be charged a $6.99 charge for national flights and $10.99 for intercontinental flights. There are no charges if you have American Express Platinum Card and are signed in.

There is an additional $39 charge if you wish to make a booking by telephone rather than on-line. When you make changes to your ticket, you will be charged a $39 re-issuance charge in excess of the airline's fare. The above only apply to changes in the run-up, not to changes due to issues such as cancellations of flights.

In the following you will learn how to make reservations with Amex Travels flights, holidays packages, rental car and cruise. The search for flights with Amex Travels is similar to any other on-line itinerary. American Express will list the most important delta score at the top of the results page as "Featured Airline".

" That' because Amex and Delta have a relationship. By scrolling down, you can use the control elements in the lefthand side bar to sort the results by number of stations, departure/arrival time, carrier or even by a number. The flights are shown in the order of prices beginning with the smallest value by standard, with the exception of a delta at the top (if available).

This is a reduced fare that is only valid if you are paying for the whole ticket with memberships rewards and not in real time. (Note that bar rates are calculated to the next dollar). When you are signed in and have enough Member Rewards points to be able to travel the whole trip, you can see reduced rates.

The American Express Travel will charge a booking charge, but they will combine it into the indicated fare. There are no Platinum Cardholders of American Express Platinum Cards® or American Express Centurion Cards who are registered with their Amex accounts. When I booked model flights to London via Finnair for some strange reasons, I found the same fare, whether I was signed in or not.

Looking for several different flights in different agencies and I found similar results each one as in the following example. In order to check the rates, I checked several on-line agencies and websites with the same query parameters: departure JFK, arrival LHR, return flight, 1 traveller, business and non-stop on certain times.

I' ve chosen the cheapest non-stop American Express Travel flight: a Finnair trip with Oneworld airline American Airlines. Because of some reasons, the reservation of this trip was less expensive via Finnair than via American. While I was looking at Amex Travel, the cost of the plane was $595.86. Amex will round the prize to the next $596 on the searching sceen.

That was subdivided below into a $133 and $462 basic rate. 86 of the United States federal, state, and U.S. express charges. I' ve tried to look for the same ticket on Finnair's website in the USA and found the same pricing structure. It was $199.40 for this ticket. Looking for the same travel plan on Delta's website, I found the same rate for a standard low-cost rate, minus the Amex Travel Fairy Waiver: $199.

Forty ( "basic economy", which was not available from Amex Traveller, was slightly cheaper). Orbitz and Kayak have indicated the same prices. That means that the reservation via Amex Travels causes the same costs as the reservation directly or via a third person (plus the charge, unless you have the Platinum Card® of American Express).

But what if you are only looking for the best value for money flights on certain schedules? When you perform a general tour searching on a specific date, does American Express Travel find the same low fares as other travelers? When I searched, the cheap flights on other sites and sites were lower than on Amex Travel.

These are the lowes available periodic nonstop economic flights I could find between New York (any airport) and London (any airport) while looking for the same record of data on several different websites: Similar results were obtained from other researches, also for national flights. Amex does not contain any ultra-low-cost carrier like the Norwegian, so tour operators who often won the prize.

However, American Express Travel was able to find about the same rates that you would find if you booked directly with an air carrier. At present 3 programmes for hotel bookings are offered: Can you tell us about the hotel collection? Hotel Collection is an American Express Travel programme available only to cardholder: it can be purchased from American Express Travel:

There are certain discounts available when you reserve a room through The Hôtel Collection: Amex Travel offers the guarantee that every Amex Travel booking has the cheapest public access fares (prepaid fares only). In order to test this, I searched for various properties and appointments, among them the Hyatt Centric at Times Square in New York City.

In fact, the objects of the Collection were a few bucks per overnight lower than with direct bookings or via other tour websites (for the same room at the same pre-paid rate). Accommodation must be reserved through Amex Travels. This means that if you make your reservation directly through the resort or any other services, you will not receive the discounts, even if the resort is part of Thehotel Collection and you are paying for your accommodation with your American Express credit cardhold.

There is also a 2-night min. accommodation and you cannot make successive bookings within 24h. So, if you choose to reserve 3 rooms for your host families, you will receive a $225 grand prize. Usually you do not receive points through a fidelity programme if you are booking through a third person, and this involves American Express Travel.

In addition, you will not receive any advantages of the best kind that you would otherwise be able to enjoy if you had a position with this type of group. If, for example, you have Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum membership and you use Amex Travel to make a reservation at Times Square Westin (part of The Hôtel Collection), you are not eligible for the free online room rate or the SPG Platinum membership later.

If you plan to use your qualifying Memberhip Rewards-Earning Cards, the Collection is potentially useful. This, however, is at the cost of the hotels pecific deluxe advantages, which include points and delite credentials in each lodging loyality progam. Which are beautiful hotels and resorts? A second programme, Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR), is run by American Express Travel.

This can be a little irritating as it may sound like it overlaps with the Hotel Collection, but this is not the case. Fine Hotels and Resorts is exclusively available for American Express Platinum Cards® ( "Platinum Card") and American Express Cards.

The FHR comprises different types of hotel and resort than The Hotel Collections with minimum overlaps. I did a few searching and couldn't find any, but it's possible that there are overlapped and unavailable accommodations. FHR collections are aimed more at recreational travellers who can make reservations for a stay in upscale objects.

Reserving through the Fine Hotel and Resorts range gives you a few potentially great perks: Contrary to The Hôtel Collections, the rooms reserved through Fine Hôtels and Resorts are not all pre-pay. When I compared several objects, among them Park Hyatt in Chicago, I found the same prices as when making the reservation directly via the hospital.

Note, however, that pre-paid and early purchasing choices can be available directly at the hotels - and are probably much cheaper. Naturally you do not profit from the discounts of the Fine Hotels and Resorts. Fine Hotels and Resorts offers less rates than The Hôtel Collection. To qualify for these advantages, you must make your booking through American Express Travel/FHR.

Like with The Hôtel Collection, if you make a booking directly at the Hôtel or through another tour operator or gateway, you will not be able to benefit from FHR, even if it is a participant Hôtel. Contrary to a stay reserved through The Hôtel Collection, a stay at American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts is considered a "qualifying fare" for lodging programmes.

This means that if you stay in a lodging that is part of a fidelity programme, you can collect points and get the corresponding advantages if you have a top tier rating. It is possible to get some great discounts from the Fine Hotels and Resorts programme, although you will still be able to pay luxurious rates.

Conditions differ depending on your accommodation and rates, so please see the small printed version. The page can be somewhat bewildering to check rates, as American Express does not list all charges and duties in the first indicated rates (while some hotels sites do). It averaged $337/night for American Express, which should mean a grand total of about $1,348.

If you go to the reservation, the grand amount is displayed inclusive of fees: $1,625. Whilst it looks more costly at first to make a direct reservation with Hyatt (where the costs are stated at $404/night), this prize will include all duties and charges so that the stated sum is actually lower: $1,611. If you are booked directly with Marriott, prices are quoted at $261/night, but this will include tax and charges - for a full $1,080.

As for the 2 properties in consideration, here is how the overall price in comparison through different portals: Marriott: Hyatt: For both of them, American Express Travels was within a few bucks of the other on-line tour operators, all of which were more costly than to book directly through the hotel's website. As with The Hôtel Collection, fares purchased through American Express Travels do not qualify for either deluxe discounts or points for hotelier retention.

As most other on-line tourism websites and agents, rates may differ between Amex Travels and the hotel's own reservation channels. There are no luxurious advantages or points, so it might be worthwhile to book directly if they are of value to you. Otherwise, check the pricing and see what expense bonuses you could get for using your American Express and what you could benefit from our support team.

As with many airlines' web sites and even web sites, Amex offers packages with flights and hotel bookings. Usually, these packages are booked for discounts, privileges or offers. Flight+Hotel searching is easy: it only asks for airport (or city), date, number of travellers and rooms.

The results are displayed in the same order as when you search for a regular property. Conditions differ depending on the parcel you are booking, so make sure you check the small printed version! Amex Travel will charge a single fare booking charge for flights + hotels packages: $6.99 per local or $10.99 per global booking.

This fee does not apply to Platinum Cardholders of American Express Platinum Cards or Centurion Cards of American Express who are registered with their American Express on-line bankroll. The result will show a full start fee per passenger, inclusive of all applicable tax and charges with the lowest fare options.

The American Express also shows how much you can save with the parcel, although this is not available in some of our properties. As soon as you have selected the accommodation, you can customise your trip. All-inclusive fare varies depending on the type of ticket you choose. For an example lookup, I selected the Hyatt Regency Churchill London (as in the preceding section) and selected the best non-stop flight:

Parcel price was $1,446 per passenger or $2,892 in all. It is annoying that American Express Travel does not display a list of the cost of hotel accommodation and flights, but only the sum per passenger. For comparison, you can look for the flights and properties seperately. I' ve tried checking the plane on the same day first.

There were Finnair flights from American Airlines for $660 per passenger - an alternative not included in the parcel (although with the reservation charge, the flights should have been $671). Next I looked for properties and again chose the Hyatt Regency Churchill's cheapest pre-paid plan. That' $3,351 or $1,675 for the two flights and the hospital.

If this is the case, reserving the travel as a bundle will save almost $460, although the results page does not show any particular saving. One of the biggest disadvantages of buying a parcel is that you have less freedom. Suppose you want to switch hotel for part of the journey or perhaps spend the last few nights with your family.

It is not an optional extra, as you must reserve the individual accommodation for the whole period between your flights. This can also make it difficult to find a solution if there are issues - although American Express Travel should compensate for them. Using American Express Travel and your plan allows for a shortage of agility, you can make a big saving with a parcel.

Simply make sure you check the quoted prices against the prices to make sure you make a separate reservation. Please be aware that you cannot make a retroactive reservation for a package: you must make the flight and your accommodation reservation at the same times instead of making one reservation first and returning later to the other. When you do this, you have to make a separate reservation (without savings)!

The American Express Travel also provides a car rental reservation services. Bookings can be made at the rental locations of the respective aerodromes and elsewhere. In order to look for a rental car, just type in an airfield or a town. The results are displayed in a convenient raster layout, with each of the columns showing a different rental firm and each line showing prices for a different vehicle type (Economy, Small, Mid-size, etc.).

Special tariffs are available for weekend and weekday as well as for the month, although the detail varies depending on the rental office. For some example quests, fares were generally $1-$2/day lower, albeit sometimes consistently with other on-line itineraries. Fees were the same as the direct reservation with the landlord. If you rent a car through Amex Travels, you will not receive any advantages that go beyond what you would see when you pay with your payment with your cred. (e.g. the American Express Platinum Express® insurance against damages caused by collision).

Amex Travel still entitles you to points and advantages from the dedicated travel programmes as a reward, even if you use them. Make sure that you observe all rules and regulations when renting a car. At Amex Travel we also offer cruise reservation services. Amex Travel not only allows you to find cruise ships around the globe, but also regularly highlight cruise promotions, usually in the shape of points that you can use on the boat.

In order to look for trips, you must specify the area where you want to go, the route (s) you want to go with (or all available routes), the months for which you plan the journey, and the estimated length of the itinerary. American Express Travel's scheduled ocean fares were within $1-2 of those of other on-line agencies and web sites.

And I found the same rates on the different sites of the different companies - although each on-line tour operator and each line has different deals, so it might be rewarding to compare them. Members who have American Express Platinum Card have privileged privileges to the ClubCard. As with the Fine Hotels and Resorts programme, this is only possible on certain types of luxury yacht charter, although it is more restricted than FHR.

American Express Cruises may be worthwhile, especially if there are specific deals. However, make sure you are comparing different reservation pages as some of them have better or better deals. One of Amex Travel's features is named TraveInsiders. If you use the programme, American Express will connect you with a travelling professional who can help you schedule a route on the basis of your chosen holiday location.

With Amex Travel you can book flights, holidays packages, cruise or rental car. It often does not provide the best fare option for flights or hotel, but it is a good idea to compare it directly with other reservation pages and airlines/hotels. When you have certain American Express tickets, the discounts available through The Hotel Collection or Fine Hotels and Resorts may be a reward.

In addition, the additional Membership Rewards points you collect when you book with Amex Travel (especially with a worthwhile Amex Card) can be invaluable as long as you do not pay too much of an award through Amex Travel. Apart from The Hotel Collection and Fine Hotels and Resorts, the true value of American Express Travel lies in our client services.

It' simple to make a reservation on your own - solving a problem when it occurs can be less difficult! When you make a reservation through Amex Travel, you have simple entry to someone who can help you make a new reservation, find a new accommodation or solve other difficulties.

If you are willing to give a (usually small) bonus to get this additional assistance, then Amex Travel might be a good option for you!

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