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Florence & Rome package with air & hotels. There are many airlines serving Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Make savings today with United Vacations packages. However, flight and hotel packages have no such restrictions.

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Create an independant Venice holiday pack tailored to your interests and your budgets. Explore the romanticism and fascinating past of Venice on your journey to Venice. The Venice is such a one-of-a-kind town that you can hike for miles and miles and find new pleasures in every road. Today the palace is a permanent exhibition and is at the visitors' disposal to see the story that has taken place in the palace over the years.

A stand-alone trip that provides unparalleled value and versatility in your timetable. For more information about the sights of the town, click on Venetian Tourism. Holiday parcel from your town. Things to do at your local venue: If the flat -rate for Italy including flight fare is indicated, the fare contains petrol supplements, airfield tax, airfield transfer and tolls.

Rates are per night per capita for double use. Italian Air & Country Route fares are valid from the gate flight. Rates may be higher and may differ from alternate gateways or city.

Marriott Air + Hotel packages will cancel 7 night certificates

The Marriott Air + Hotel Packages have long been a popular redeem feature for Marriott members to maximise the value of their points and get a low point to mile ratio. As we approach the formal alliance of SPG, Marriott and Ritz' rewards programmes, there is much speculation about the destiny of the current packages.

A possible Starwood employee this weekend made the following declaration, which only serves to increase enthusiasm about the destiny of certain Marriott packages: Please click here to see the hotel maps. Here are the possible results of the possible destiny of Marriott Air + Hotel Packages: The most likely result, I think, is that the certification was modified to reproduce a new corresponding class or otherwise transformed into the new one.

That could be very interesting, as we don't know how the reimbursement will be handled, but you have to think that there are enough points in the new programme to keep 7 overnight stays in the new corresponding group. Example: A Class 9 packet with 132k United Miles will cost 390k Marriott Points (or 130k SPG).

Cathegory 9 will cost 45-k points for a bonus overnight and 36-k after you profit in the 20% rebate for free overnight 5. Complimentary 36 x 7 overnight stays = 252k Marriott Points. {\Although, the last two overnight is probably not going to be reflecting the discount, so it would be 270k. No.

Let us say that your 7-night certification has been canceled, it seems to me that they would have to give you the appropriate number of points to be able to reserve a holiday in the appropriate group. But, since we have no clue what this is, we'll just take it as the actual one. Otherwise, you would exchange 132k United Miles for anywhere between 120k points and 138k Marriott Rewards Points.

On SPG denominations after you have declared the points returned, it is like you are transferring 40k SPG points in 130k mile which is about 80k more mile than you would have got if you had used SPGs 5k mile premium for every 20k that was transfered. A lot of folks have asked if it would be a good plan to put together a Marriott Air + Hotel pack before August.

While I can't really give you any advice that is in fact anchored, but I can tell you that I think I'm going to sign up for a Class 9 packet and I' m hoping that it will either give me more choices for more costly features or a reimbursement of enough points to get me seven overnight in a similar property and a 1:1 transmission ratio of points to the mileage.

The contribution may include recommendation, partner or sponsorship link offering mile-to-memory offsetting.

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