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You can use this tab to manage the packaging settings for your desktop (AIR) application. For information on the package to reduce air pollution and improve air quality across the EU and on the state of play in the Council. About the AIR Package Help Page You can use this page to administer the packing preferences for your XenAir (AIR) applications. Notice that this page is only available if the destination model of the AIR configure builds is Desktops (AIR) and the issue category is App. Specify the name of the scriptor to use: A automatically created description is used.

User-defined templates It uses the description created according to the specified pattern. In order to use an available pattern, click on (Shift+Enter) and choose the pattern in the opening dialogue. In order to generate and use a new document, click Generate. Specify the characteristics of the description filename in the dialogue field Remove AIR Description String and click Remove.

If you use the templates to generate the executable scriptor (for example, during compiling or packaging), the text in the item is substituted by the name and enhancement (.swf) of the executable document. Packet filename Specify the name of the resulting package name. Package your applications and foldersBeside the SWF you can package other applications as well.

Temporarily use self-signed certificateSelect this checkbox to add a pre-installed self-signed signature to the package. Otherwise, specify the package signature options (see below). Enter the location in the box or click (Shift+Enter) and choose the keystone in the opening dialogue. Specify your lockstore category.

Standard value PCCS12 is the same as a keyboard store with the. p12 suffix. Notice that the nickname is not necessary if the keylogger only contains one match. Specify the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) vendor for the specified keystorage area.

Classic Roundtrip Voyage Air Inclusive Tour-Paket

Roundtrip cruises + air package include bus classes from selected US destinations to and from Bergen, joint transfer, accommodation in Bergen before and after your trip (including breakfast) and our roundtrip cruises in a selected room with full pension (daily breakfastbuffet, midday buffer and eat-in or rich or rich dinners).

This round trip, called "The World's Most Beautiful Voyage " by Lonely Planet, will take you from Bergen to Kirkenes and back in 12 days. All year round it is a crusade like no other. The package is not valid for air journeys from other US destinations. For more information and an additional quotation, please do not hesitate to do so.

A non-specified interior cab is included in the cost. For more information and offers for other cabins please consult our Customer Sales Center. Additional overnight stays in hotels before or after the trip. Rates are per passenger, per seat, per seat, in US dollars ($), and are applicable only to selected departure dates and certain flight gates as shown above.

No refunds are given for idle package parts. All promoted flat rates that contain the fare contain all airlines' charges, supplements and federal tax. The Departure Fee is per passenger in a Basic Inside Unspecified cabine for sailings between November 1, 2018 and December 14, 2018. Please do not hesitate to ask us for rates for other appointments and cabins.

These flat rates do not cover travel between 18 May and 18 August 2018. Cruises must start by 31 March 2019.

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