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Zadar, Air Rent a Car. Car rental with office in Zadar airport and Zadar city center. - Special fares for Aegean passengers - Earn miles with your car rental - Redeem miles with a free car rental. You' re in the driver's seat. If you book with us today, get specially negotiated car rental prices.

New Zealand Car Hire - Book a rental car with Air New Zealand

Use Airpoints Dollars to make or withdraw money, and get our best fare for free. The same prices as Avis, Budget and Apex. Advance payment on-line via Airpoints Dollars?. Car hire offers in New Zealand, Australia, North America and UK/Europe. Discover the advantages you get when you rent your car with us.

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Since 1998 HERTZ Anterra d.o.o. has been a Hertz franchisee, solely for Croatia. The Hertz Croatia car pool comprises several hundred new vehicles, not older than six month, and our skilled staff provides extra guarantees of customer-friendliness. Ryanair's sole car hire company is Hertz. Hertzian - Make the street your own!

Welcome to IXT Car Rentals. Our 3,500 car rentals are located in 105 different markets. SIEXT has a full range of transport facilities, which includes vans and cars for rent, and even a limo car rentals to meet any customer requirement.

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Every client on evaluates the car rental agency that has provided their car. Review the results and make the right choices. In cooperation with over 800 businesses in 163 different markets, you will find the right car, in the right place, at the right people. Collect 1.5 KrisFlyer points for 1 US$.

AIR car rental

Based in Zadar, AIR Car provides high value, personalised and dependable new car leasing services. We have also been successful for 15 years. Featuring equipment (child car seat, navigators ), top class security and high standard of services of our cars, AIR Rent a Car provides and involves a car restitution in another town, cheap long-term car hire, supply and pick up throughout Dalmatia.

As well as the regular car rentals, we can also provide services for short- and long-distance transporters. We are a welcoming and highly qualified staff who are only available to assist you with any reservation or request.

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