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airline ticket agent

Browse Airline Ticket Counter Agent jobs. Catch the right job as an airline ticket counter agent with company ratings and salaries. Buy airline tickets today without making a deposit. Air ticket agencies use computer reservation systems primarily for booking flights and selling airline tickets. Find out about the job offers of the airline ticket agencies.

An Airline Ticket Agent | Career in aviation

Air ticket agencies use computer reservation tools mainly for booking flights and selling them. Operators often inspect luggage and guide travellers to the dedicated terminal and other airports equipment. They can also provide information to customers about timetable discrepancies and help them board the aircraft if necessary. The ticket agencies also accept and validate passengers' transport bookings.

Sells and issues travel cards, answers travel plans, fares, bills for fares and charges, and accepts payments from people. The ticket agencies may also register luggage and allocate the air travelers on-board cards. As a rule, a high scholastic degree is sufficient for a job as an air ticket agent. Labour forecasts use North-Central Texas regional information and may differ from local statistical information.

Airlines Ticket Agent Vacancies

All airlines need passengers to buy a ticket and help their clients get the information they need to get on the desired ticket. Ticketing agent work at the ticket or overhead ticket counters of an airlines. They are the "front lines" of the carrier, welcome clients on arrival at the airports, check their bags and allocate seats.

You can also make ticket purchases, reservations changes and air ticket agencies are available at most airfields. Ticketing agencies act on behalf of the company to its customers and help them buy a ticket, baggage check-in and give information as needed. Demand for ticket brokers will rise as the number of travellers increases.

To become a ticket agent is a good way to make a successful carrier with the airlines. Passengers working at the air ticket agency are required to be kind, quick and polite. You will help with luggage check-in, reservation, transfer and check-in.

You will accompany the passenger to the departure gates, move wheel chairs if necessary and respond to all passenger queries. More than 95 million travellers leave the heaviest traffic area in the intercontinental network every year - the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Atlanta. Due to the type of situation that can occur on a ticket agent's shifts, good contact with sometimes eager or furious clients can be an important part of the work.

It may be that ticket brokers also have to take on other tasks, e.g. luggage handlers, loading bay brokers, gates and more. You' ll need to be able to input ticket information and verify the schedule with a computer, so you need to have some computer skills and probably be able to input at least 30 willpm.

You' ll be in the uniforms of the airlines you work for and are always well-cared for. It is an entry-level task for which the company provides the necessary education. Candidates for the Ticket Agent should have a university qualification and be at least 18 years of age.

They must have fundamental mathematical abilities and will usually deal with ticket funds. Sometimes an air lines prefers persons with a client services or selling backgrounds. They can count on almost every shifts, as the airlines' desks are often open around the clock. 2. For those involved in air ticket brokerage, the advantages are often the same as for other employees of the company.

A number of ticket agencies can work at the gates and some part-time positions are also available. Work in an air ticket agent could be a good way to begin your carrier with an air carrier. A quick overview of the employment of air ticket agents: Ticketing agencies are an entry-level task. You only need an H.S. Diploma or GED to become a Ticket Agent.

There are full and part-time positions at some of our airport locations.

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