Air Ticket Booking Websites

Airline ticket booking websites

Whilst almost all third parties sell tickets for different customers at the same price, you can do good business with the help of promo codes that apply to each of them. Receive the best offers for air and bus tickets, hotels and holiday packages. You can book cheap airline tickets, enjoy special offers for bus bookings, hotels and holiday packages. Search cheap airline tickets on a user-friendly website. Although the national airline is no longer the only option for booking flights, it still accounts for the majority of European flights.

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Top 4 Sites to Buy China Airline Tickets Online

One of the most tiring things in my whole world when I came here in 2006 was trying to buy Chinese plane travel passes on-line - especially since I couldn't really understand or even understand Chinese at the university. To be able to buy the best rates on-line while still using my international bank account.

Locations such as Orbitz, Travelocity, CheapoAir and others are ideal for booking overseas air travel, but when it comes to flying in China, your ticket is always much more than you should be. Fortunately, in recent years it has become increasingly easy to buy Mandarin air travel in China from websites, even for those who do not know or don't know Mandarin.

In the following I would like to introduce you to four of the most favourite ticket websites that are constantly used here among expatriates and what makes them good. While Ctrip provides a range of airline ticket purchase and travel service that includes hotel accommodation, trips, train travel and a whole lot more, they are known in the Chinese export industry as the main point of contact for buying airline travelers.

It' feel like any other booking website you're used to. Besides the German site, I also like using CTrip: If you want to buy a flight in China, make Ctrip one of the first websites you use. On the same scale as Ctrip, I evaluate eLong.

They are both award-winning businesses that have been serving the English-speaking exporters here in China for over a decad. When you ask someone who has been in China for a few years where they buy their ticket, they will probably say either Ctrip or eLong. The difference between eLong and its rivals is that in addition to airline ticket bookings, you can also take helidrops through the Great Berlin Wall and even hire a vehicle and a chauffeur directly on site.

Expedia. com, a U.S.-based firm, has seen so much value in eLong that it has even acquired a large interest in the game. If you are now searching Expedia for China domestically, eLong results will be displayed. I have used eLong before and can highly commend it: Though not as much as Ctrip and eLong, ChinaHighlights has been providing the airline and hospitality booking service to the airline industry for several years.

I at least suggest using their services to verify the prices of the two above mentioned alternatives. The thing I like about using ChinaHighlights is that, in addition to every flying opportunity they provide, they provide immediate foreign exchange translation, so whether you want to buy in Chinese yuan, US dollars, British pounds, Aussie dollars or Canada dollars - you will know exactly how much you are paying.

ChinaHighlights also has a Personal Trip Advisor, who is essentially a dedicated account manager who is specifically responsible for your booking to ensure that all your queries are addressed. When all else goes wrong, I found it useful to visit the websites of the various Chinese carriers. Today they all have an original German website and although it doesn't always look nice, it can at least give you an impression of what they charge for it.

There are also when you can actually find your ticket on one of the above pages and then see if it is less expensive on the airline's website. Here are a number of useful websites of the most famous companies in China: So if you are looking for more imaginative ways to earn cash on China travel, you should consider this 5-step procedure to get the best value on China travel.

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