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Special offers flight ticket to Japan (book flight ticket online), package tour at the low price of HIS Travel Wonderland Bangkok. Our price comparison guarantee always gives you the best price for holiday packages and flights. No refunds are made for tickets purchased as part of the Plus Package. SkyPriority service and light snacks during the flight are also included in the ticket price. This is calculated in addition to the penalties imposed on the airline under the fare rules.

Flight ticket, package tour and accomodation at a reasonable rate.

Japan-RailPass is provided by the six Japan Railways Group (JR Group) entities. Japan is the cheapest way to get around Japan by train. JR Passport allows you to conveniently take the train, bus or ferry to Japan.

Frequently asked questions about Air Package Plus

Improve your journey with our Air Package Plus, Customized Air & competitively priced Business Class up-grades! However, we do it at our low, pre-negotiated flat-rate prices - which include all airlines supplements and state tax and charges. While you may have already seen our responses to your most common queries, we also wanted to explain them and build a page of air-specific related issues so you have all the information you need before booking your Air Package Plus trip.

How is the Land Package different from Air Package Plus? Click here to check the advantages of our Air Package Plus. Which airline do I fly with? We' re working with most of the world's big airline companies to offer you the best flight at the best price. We will select the flight so that you get the best possible route!

How soon will I get my timetable? We will send you your timetable by e-mail shortly (usually within two week of your booking), but you can apply for changes up to 45 working nights before your scheduled time. When changes are made to the schedule, either at your own discretion or by the airline, we will send you an e-mail with an up-to-date route and timetable.

For arriving early, returning later, travelling to other places or adapting your trip plan in another way, ask your advisor! Do I have a choice of places? We are looking for seating in the side row, not in the centre, for all travellers. We are looking for seating as far forward as possible for all passengers.

In case these are not your preference, please let your tour guide know when making your reservation! Attention: Airline companies do not allow preselection of seating on all services. Reservations for seating are at the sole option of the carriers and are subject to alteration by the same. Mean seating pickup is $35 per itinerary.

Certain fligths are referred to as "AIRPORT Check In Only", which means that no passenger may choose a seat until the check-in time, which is usually 24 hrs before the departure. Please click here to see the luggage charges for your trip. We search for the least available routes when choosing your tickets.

Whilst some trips involve several stopovers, we do everything we can to minimise the stresses of travel by selecting the most immediate trips from our partner and avoid long stopovers wherever possible. Certain locations may need more air links than others. If you have a question about a particular travel location, please do not hesitate to do so.

Ask your travel agent about your flight from your home town when making your reservations. Once your ticket has been purchased, you may be able to use your points to purchase an upgraded ticket directly from the airlines*. If your enrolment regulations request that you issue your ticket in a specific enrolment category for an upgraded tour, please let your Tour Advisor know.

We' ll be glad to inform you if we can offer your ticket in this reservation category and if so, if there is a price mismatch. When you are a member of a member airlines you can get some or all of your points by contacting the airlines directly.

You may need to present your travel pass as evidence of your flights. Simply ask your tour guide! Is it possible to choose "extra legroom", step-out seat, Schott or other specialised seat in economical category? Refurbished coach seating can be available for an additional fee after your ticket is purchased either directly from the carrier or through our customer service group.

No, all airliner supplements and tax are contained in the travel rate. Please note, however, that all applicable petrol supplements are covered - if you do not join our Good Buy Plan and the carriers charge extra petrol supplements, these may be added at a later date.

For more information, call your travel agent. If my plane is late, what happens? Is it possible to change my timetable after I have booked my journey? Should further charges be associated with the fulfilment of the enquiry, we will inform you of these charges before the confirmation of the enquiry. Is there a problem if the carrier makes changes to the schedule?

The airlines can modify all of our business services at any moment, even the services we plan for you. When things changes, we will contact you and provide you with an update of your route so you can safely move! Is it possible to review my timetable on-line? You will receive an e-mail with a reservation number shortly (usually within two week ) after your reservation.

As a result of the new mandate of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), clients making a booking are obliged to enter their Secure flight details exactly as they appear on their passports. Your first name does not appear on your timetable. What time are the cards made out?

As a rule, a ticket is usually made out about one months before the date of flight but the date of issuance may differ. We will be pleased to provide you with your ticket early on demand. As soon as the ticket is in place, we cannot make any changes and the ticket will not be refunded, so you want to be sure that all your packages are ready before you ask us to cancel them prematurely.

Airline companies can modify their services at any time. If a ticket is made out, we will provide you with an up-to-date timetable with your e-ticket numbers.

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