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You can use this option if you have a trip that is not a round trip (round trip) and if you do not really want to make several one-way bookings. Air travel is not limited to your traditional outward and return flights from the same city to which you have flown. Years ago, when long stopovers were still common, the airlines strongly promoted the stopovers. If not, please contact your local travel agent. If I am travelling on a connecting flight, do I have to pick up my luggage?

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The ultimate guide to multi-destination travel plans

It can be very discouraging to plan and book a multi-destination itinerary. These journeys are often complex, the scheduling requires a great deal of effort and you have to put everything in order. I' m giving you my advice on what to do when I'm going on a journey where I'm going to several destinations.

Making a multidestination booking? Firstly, why should you choose a multiple destinations tour? Well, there are many advantages to this type of travel, such as: You will be able to see more destinations. It' gonna test your scheduling ability. One of the first things to do when you plan a multi-destination journey is to research and determine where you want to go.

For example, when I was going to Asia, I wanted to begin in Shanghai and my journey covered Seoul and Tokyo, but in the end I didn't go to any of those destinations and went to totally different places and in asia. Consider which areas you would like to see and whether your journey should be different destinations within one and the same region, or whether you would rather go to several states.

It is also advisable to check in advance whether the host state allows you to stay for a brief period without a visas, as this can make your plans and decision-making considerably simpler. The first thing I do when I plan a journey with several destinations is to look at Google Maps to get a clear idea of where the places stand next to each other.

So I can make the transport booking as efficiently as possible.  Google fligths - If I have travelled quite far and have to travel, next I will look at Google fligths and see how the links are and whether the fligths are reasonably priced and not too long. With Google Flips you can browse the map or just the flight views.

You can even choose to sort by number of stations, airlines, prices, schedules and various other features. If I am on the road in Europe, I also have a look at the connections on FlixBus. I' ve used Flixbus for quite a few journeys and I find it inexpensive and offer a great tote.

At the time of reservation you will have a fantastic social network that will help you find itineraries. Let me now turn to the design. The things can and will often be different at the design stage, but you will probably have a good understanding of the destinations you want to be in. As soon as I have determined the desired itinerary, I generate a spread sheet with Google Docs, e.g. below.

The table contains as many travel related information as possible, such as: Reservation status - I am updating it to see if accomodation and travel are reserved. Flying Information - All flying information such as flying time, number, length, free luggage, costs, etc. Transfers detail - How do I get to my accomodation from the airports, buses or trains?

Doing this research in anticipation will make the beginning of your journey much simpler and more pleasant. Hotels/Accomodation Information - Make a record of your data, as well as your billing information, costs, contact number and free date of cancelling. This can often be done through Here is an example of my table calculation / travel route for Asia.

Or you can create a column to see who pays for what when you travel with someone else. Then you can bring them into Google Docs if you want to use them on-line, or open them with Microsoft Excel or a similar application on your computer. You can keep it accessible when you book multi-destination travel by jumping between locations on the most immediate itinerary.

This can often be done on low-cost air, rail or bus services. If you have made a multi-destination journey in Europe with Berlin, Prague and Vienna, for example, you can use FlixBus or the railroad. As you can see, this is an unbelievably inexpensive way to travel. Alternatively, if you would rather travel by rail, you can use Goeuro to help you organise your journey by rail.

When you need to make a stop-over booking, try booking with an air carrier. In this way, it is the carrier companies' duty to make sure that you get on the connection routes. When you choose to travel from London to Dubai and then travel on another Dubai to Singapore via totally different carriers, you will have less cover and may be in charge of purchasing a totally new one.

There may be frequent flight delay, so you should always be aware of possible delay, cancellation and other things that may occur. So, when you plan all your calls, make sure you take yourselves enough free to avoid missed or unnecessary flight overloads. I have noticed in some destinations, such as Asia, that there is less security for passengers than in Europe.

Visit europa......passenger-rights to find out more about the rules of the air. eu.....passenger-rights. Now there are so many accommodations of host families, pensions, host families, housestays, petsitting, airbnb, coffee surfing and more. I' m booking almost all my accommodations through Booking. For example, prices, type of accomodation, free cancellations, ratings, equipment and much more.

I' m confused about although I use it a bit. If you don't turn it off, you'll get a bunch of e-mails trying to get you to make a reservation. Are you aware of any other recommended hotels? Airbnb is another favourite place to stay overnight.

There are other types of accommodations that can be good, such as Home Swap, Petsitting or Coaching Surfer. This website is where you share your home with someone else so that you can see their goal and they get to see your and you both saving on it. That is so they know where you are during your journey.

When you use Google Docs to schedule and then release the file, any changes you make are refreshed and displayed in the released file. When you don't use Google Docs, e-mail all your travel, accommodations and anything else that's important to you. These are some of my travel plans for several destinations:

A multidestination journey is one of the best ways to travel and see many places, and such a journey is very simple in Europe and Asia due to the amazing and inexpensive itineraries. If you have ever been on a multi-destination journey, do you have any further hints and ideas?

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