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In the morning we drive to Manitou Springs to climb the picturesque Pike's Peak Cog Railway. While many travel websites claim to offer military discount airfares, they do not have a search engine that allows you to access these rates. In Sights and Shores, the place to discover your journey with a remarkable experience.


While many travel sites maintain to provide discount airfares, they do not have a searching machine that allows you to do so. Now, our new website makes the savings on traveling outside the service even easier. They no longer have to call every single carrier during their scheduled working hour to find out if they are offering a discount on a particular one.

The enhanced searching machine searches for these rates automaticaly! In the adjoining graphic, an example shows how the aircraft seat prices usually work. Farther out (with fewer fits old), recurring airfare can actually be slightly less expensive than the army tariffs, but as the depart date shuts in and civil fits begin to be oversold, their fare begins to soar.

However, the tariffs for the army will not change! National carriers are offering discounts on most routes that can reduce your regular fare by 20% to 50% and in some cases by up to 65%. With our special searchengine, you can look through these tariffs to find the best bargains.

As there are only a few places available on each trip (as the table shows), we recommend that you buy your tickets earlier rather than later, so that you do not have to go to the higher normal rates. Furthermore, when buying a defence air tickets, carriers often do not charge for hold baggage, cancellation and exchange charges.

In some cases, certain services may not offer a reduction on the price of a ticket and/or there is a limitation on the number of slots available for the ticket. The table shows that after the sale of the army seat you have to buy the regular airfare to get on a plane.

If this is the case, our system switches from looking for tariffs for the army and searches for the normal tariffs that are available to all travellers in order to find you and your host families at the next lower tariff.

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