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(FTC) warns of dubious hotel booking pages. In order to find the best offer, you must search on several pages. No magic answer, but Kepnes recommends the following websites:.

Frommer's Best Airfare & Hotel Booking Sites for 2017 scheduled

Frommer's played off the greatest flight and booking engine reputations against each other in several laps of fierce head-to-head competitions to find out which websites offer the best prizes, the most useful results and the best customer-interface. Famous people like Expedia and Trivago have not taken top positions, while lesser-known underdog like Agoda and Skyscanner have won awards.

Momondo and Skyscanner won the air fares, while the big names in the hotel category were, Agoda and Priceline. For the full top ten in both category and a full description of the results, see, the much-loved site of the award-winning travel guide brand: &

Frommer has been testing prices on last-minute airlines (departure within 72 hours), as well as on airlines offering air travel on board for six-week stays, on large gateway airlines (NYC to LAX, Miami to Rio) and alternative airlines (Philly to Rome), on some cornering ball aircrafts (Denver to New Delhi) and on a non-US airplane ( "London to Barcelona") to see how well each location has coped with the jungle of low-cost airlines in Europe.

Frommer has found which side in Orlando, Boston, Rome, London and Hong Kong has found the most choices and the cheapest prices for the hotel - both in general and for four particular hotel in different hotel categories in each town. The number and type of filter and sort option, number of non-hotel accommodations, possibility to find the cheapest rate for our 20 selected properties, number of available accommodations in each downtown and number of those costing less than $200.

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