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When to buy, when to travel in high season?

Summers are approaching, which means it's a good moment to move and make itineraries. I' ve put some low-cost airfields for June, July and August in an old article; now we're looking at good opportunities to buy these offers and when to go to get even more savings. When you can leave by 22 June or before, you can benefit from the pre-summer rates, which saves you compared to the high rate of the year.

The date may change by about a whole working hour, according to your point of origin and itinerary. You can use a monthly searching utility that can limit the best offers; my site has such utilities, but there are others. For the most part, this is midsummer, but you can still fly by saving money by getting less expensive nights.

Usually it is less costly to operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in the USA, and it is usually less costly to operate internationally on week days. When such a route confuses your plan by just taking a cheap flight for a whole days, you will still make some savings. August: By the end of August, carriers will begin to reduce tariffs for internal air services and the largest rebates will be granted from 28 August, the beginning of the airlines' autumn seasons (the exact departure date may differ by one or two days).

Autumn starts a little later for trips around the 10th of September. So if you are planning to leave in June, you can already buy your ticket for a trip within the USA. Now you can also buy these seats if you want to go to Europe in August. - Buy your ticket for your home country:

3 to 21 weeks before arrival. - Buy your own ticket: Five to thirty-five weeks before arrival. Finally, I am often asked where they can find "these unbelievably low last-minute fares", but unfortunately they have almost vanished (except for the few "error" rates that most carriers won't pay anyway).

When you can always go by plane, log on to your preferred checkout page (my site has this, but others too), or just go on the cheaper flights and flights that your timetable allows. Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, is an inside man in the aviation sector and one of the best flight graphics companies in the world.

Just stay with Rick (@rickseaney) and never pay too much for the fare again.

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