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With Alternative Airline's multi-city flights, you can travel to more than one destination with just one search and purchase. The Multi-City option gives you the freedom to visit many cities with a variety of combinations. Take a multi-city or open-back flight today. "It is not easy to book all routes and not all destinations. You can also use our multi-city search.

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Senor Pass, which is issued on the day of your trip and can be presented at the Aiport. Senor Pass, which is issued on the day of your trip and can be presented at the Aiport. They' re changing the number of people. Senor Pass on the day of your trip.

Senor passport. YES, all our customers have a STOP! Senor passport. Register for the Seniors Passport and take advantage of up to 30% off all the HOPs! Passport available within 48hrs.


Multidestination includes a route with more than two destinations. With our new on-line reservation option you can choose a max. of six destinations for either intercontinental flights or a mixture of intercontinental and national flights. Example of a route: to Manila, Manila to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Manila, Manila to Cebu and Davao to Manila.

How is Multi-Destination different from One-Way/Round-Passes? Customers can acquire multiple targets in one operation. On a one-way/round tour, the client must buy each segment/city couple separately to conclude the entire tour. Is" Calendar Pricing" available on the multi-destination page? No, the reservation machine must indicate the price of the ticket after choosing the preferential timetable for each area.

I' d like to go to Los Angeles, but my comeback would be from San Francisco. Is it possible to reserve my route via your website? From Manila you can make a reservation to Los Angeles and use the next boxes to make your reservation from San Francisco to Manila. Do you check my luggage to its place of arrival on the multi-destination trip?

Yes, you can apply for check-in if the following fligths are direct links (no stopovers) to any desired target of your choice. Do the rates apply when using Multi-Destination? Certain national and cosmopolitan tariffs can be combined with other cosmopolitan tariffs, resulting in a lower transit price. Clients can shop around by trying multiple one-way/round-trip routes and multi-destinations.

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