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Would you like to book a rental car? You can earn miles when you rent a car from one of our many car rental partners. The same discounts apply to car rental plus hotel. We also sell rental cars from many of the largest car rental companies. You also earn double Expedia Rewards points each time you book through the app.

Saving a lot of money by hiring a car with your flights

You may find it illogical to include an issue to help reduce your travelling expenses, but you can actually get discount codes by making more than one reservation, at least with British Airways. The independent traveler Jamey Bergman was saving $1,400 by including a car rental in his trip. British-airways says that if you choose a parcel service (flight plus car or flights plus hotel), they will then resell the parcel as a tourist agent, with special prices that will be given to you.

Try it yourself for a sightseeing tour from New York to London and add a car rental that is almost $500 from the cost of the airfare alone. That may or may not be the case for other carriers or perhaps also for tourism websites. For a moment I tried some other carriers (American Airways, United) to see if they had similar esoteric parcel cuts, but didn't see the same air plus car rental look.

{\American Airlines, Expedia, and other destinations promote saving when you mix hotels and fares - but the saving is not the same. However, when you book your next journey, it is still advisable to try to check the costs of a parcel against the airfare alone, just in case.

Priceline's HomeAway expansion into air and car hire from Priceline

HomeAway is no longer just holiday rental - it now also offers air and car hire through a partner contract with Priceline. HomeAway-Priceline Partner Network is a natural consequence for HomeAway, as it can become a more complete website for your trip plans and your clients do not necessarily have to search for air and car rental elsewhere.

It would also be good for HomeAway as it can increase revenues from Priceline's affiliated charges. Home away CEO Brian Shaples says: Adding air and car hire is of course in line with our shop and the needs of our clients. Choosing the Priceline partner network also gives our clients wide exposure to the most sought-after carriers and car rental firms for both national and overseas travel.

As well as support for frequency mileage, the new flight ticket system also offers seating plans for airlines and the option of booking everything from economy-one- to first-class. Travellers will also be able to check and reserve car rental prices worldwide and can use the discounts offered by car rental companies in HomeAway countries.

Here is how the airlines and car rental reservations are conceived to make them work. Travellers must first book a holiday home on or from an operator or agent using the HomeAway ReservationManager utility. The ReservationManager provides proprietor and management features to ship rental offers, edit contracts and make payment by eCheck and Visa transactions on-line.

Tenants would then see a display showing the carrier and car rental option specifically for their destinations, says Victor Wang, a HomeAway spokesman. When tenants are interested in making a reservation for a trip and/or car rental, they would click on the Reserve Now button and see the choices on a co-branded website.

For example, the car rental page would look like this: Today, the new flight and car rental functions were to go online. Accommodation and airlines are always worried that the addition of additional benefits will result in a deterioration in converted prices. HOME AWAY seems to avoid this possible pitfall by only providing airfares and car hire after tenants have reserved their vacation rental.

It seems that the present arrangement only applies to and and does not seem to apply to the 33 other HomeAway apartment sites worldwide. And the HomeAway alliance with Priceline is a kind of match for the Priceline partner network. This is because Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocitya are much larger actors in the affiliated industry than Priceline.

There is also a little humor in HomeAway's selection of Priceline as an airlines and car rental company that HomeAway's Sharples has a place on the kayak boards. The Kayak Group operates its own partnership programme with clients such as Bing, Flying. Priceline has one of the benefits over Kayak in that Priceline is a tour operator, while Kayak largely uses the meta-search approach for flight and car rental reservations and thus transmits the consumer to third-party websites for booking.

This meta-search would probably be cumbersome for users who attach to their holiday home bookings on air and car-hire. When asked about HomeAway's election of Priceline over some of its competitors, says Jon Gray, HomeAway VP: Meanwhile, HomeAway could finally come to consider Priceline as a free enemy - if HomeAway does not already do so.

Priceeline is a worldwide package for on-line reservation of hotels, an alternate accommodation for some of the HomeAway and Priceline's Booking's prospective clients. com offers more and more own holiday flats and apartments. As a friendship query on the price line, Gray adds: Adding air and car hire is of course in line with our shop and the needs of our clients.

Our aim is to make it as simple as it is to book a holiday home - and this also applies to all of your itinerary. It concentrates exclusively on air and air tickets. And since HomeAway works with Priceline, it's not difficult to believe that Airbnb will also find an on-line air and car rental agent.

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