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Register for Promotions & Specials. Register for great specials! [ fcl_product_filter:on_sale_expoint:campaign_location=AIRFARESALE] # American Airlines Vacations offers holiday discounts and special offers in the world's best destinations. If you bundle the airfare with your land tour, you will save more!


Children aged three to two years are regarded as children in their laps and do not have to afford a place to sit. Whilst small children do not have to travel at fares, they can incur tax and charges in the United States and abroad, according to their whereabouts.

Learn more about travelling with an toddler. A nonaccompanied underage is a single traveler between the age of five and under 14. Clients with impaired listening or speaking can call our toll-free TTY/TDD phone number 1-800-336-5530. Here is a full listing of the conditions for travelling with a pets.

Learn more about travelling with a trained pet or an emotive companion. A $35 charge will be made to the customer when they drop off a second one. Travelling with more than 10 persons? Amongst others: hard of hearing or language handicapped, partially sighted, intellectually handicapped and non-ambulant. Clients with auditory or voice disorders can call our toll-free TTY/TDD phone number 1-800-336-5530.

When you are a traveller of the right height or want a free space near you, you can reserve an additional space. Choose the number of travellers (including your additional seat) if you specify the number of grown-ups or kids. You can only choose an additional seating for the same traveller category (i.e. a child traveller cannot be an additional seating for an adult traveller).

From the Traveller Detail page, click the check box next to the traveller who needs the additional seating. This traveller must also be selected from the drop-down list.

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