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Estimate the bargain potential of one-way air fares

Traditional knowledge says that you have to make a round voyage to get a good fare. However, buying for one-way rates could help you out. To find cheap airfares during busy tourist seasons, especially in summers, you need to be adaptable and imaginative.

I often make one-way bookings, for example, even if they are not included in my initial itineraries. Traveling to Greece can lead to Great Britain, Denmark or elsewhere, which can save me moneys. Traditional saying is that you have to make a round trips to get a good deal.

However, the competitive environment and the growing appeal of one-way air transport have altered this dynamism. This is a compilation of hints and technologies, from reducing your travelling expenses to the technical equipment you need. Update figures provided by ARC to The Times show that the proportion of one-way one-way ticket purchases by US travellers (compared to round-trip tickets) rose from 29% in 2014 to 44% between January and April 2018.

The number of one-way ticket carriers dropped from 44 per cent in 2014 to 11 per cent in 2018. As I was traveling from my home base in Redmond, Ore. to Los Angeles and Palm Springs around Christmas last year, I found nothing but breathtaking fares. The city of Las Vegas, 280 leagues from Los Angeles, is not usually associated with substantial savings for a traveller travelling to Southern California, but in this case, because I bought four passes for my host families, it was a good idea to change my route and even consider the higher cost I had to pay for my hire cars (a frequent open-route issue that can sometimes be resolved by cashing in points for a one-way rental).

I often look for one-way offers with Google Traffic when I buy rates to Europe and just add near the airport to the Google Traffic finder and look at the rate calendars. When you are felxible, it is worth finding the best points of arrival and departure to Europe and then filling the gap by land or with low-cost airlines such as Norwegian Air, Ryanair, Vueling, Wizz Air, Primera Air and others.

If you are travelling from North America to Europe, for example, Reykjavik, London and the northern capital cities - Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Helsinki - are often good starting points for trips to almost all parts of the European Union. Recently when I was looking for Oregon to Athens rates, I found that most round-trip rates were around $2,000 each - a costly offer as I buy four more.

However, then I noted a one-way rate under $400 to London on WestJet, a low-cost Calgary-based airline. Just a few more klicks and I realised that I could stay in London for the week-end and then go to Corfu on Ryanair for $125. There were no low priced airfares from Corfu home, but I found out that Norwegian Air had a $90 plane from Corfu to Copenhagen.

It makes it simple to find the cheapest rates by showing them monthly on the timetable and the tariff calendar. When I booked my journey to London, I found out that WestJet drivers had already been voting for the strikes years before. and a spokesperson said that WestJet would pay back customers if they cancelled a flight because of trade unions' actions.

First I was worried because I knew that a reimbursement in the event of a strikes would not help us get to Europe, at least not at the lowest cost I had found. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that work problems offer both risk and opportunity for low rates.

The Points Guy website promoter Brian Kelly, who is helping travellers maximise their frequentmiles and find offers, says he is more worried when he learns of possible airlines strike action in Europe than in North America when he assesses the risks of their work.

Modify his or her itinerary if he or she finds one-way rates that are more attractive than return itineraries. That' a no-nonsense point; my WestJet ride proved to be convenient and on schedule. However, on Europeans it is best to fly with low expectation. Sometimes experience with these companies may recall that the term travelling comes from the words traveller and traveller, the words traveller, which in the Romans were a tripartite torment.

The $125 trip to Corfu felt like a deal when I purchased it, but not when I actually had to undergo it.

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