Airline and car Rental

Car and airline rental

Do you want to rent a car at the airport? Can you book a car with us? Home Away is no longer just holiday rental - it now also offers airline tickets and car rentals through an affiliate agreement with Priceline. Walk the extra mile with a number of rental car, limousine and shuttle transport partners who will help you earn miles on the way with SkyMiles only. Collect miles or points with one of our national or international airline partners for qualified car rentals.

AAdvantage American Airlines Car Hire Offers

With American AirlinesĀ AdvantageĀ® members collect 500 award points per rental for all qualified rental at major airports in the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. American Airlines flights, tickets or on-board passes are not necessary to collect mileage. Just provide your Avantage number when you rent. Collect award mileage at all company airports and many of our own sites around the world.

When you find that your site is licensed, please check directly with that site to see if it participates in the American Airlines frequent flyer programme. At all times, American Airlines retains the right to modify the terms, conditions, pricing, and promotions of the programme at any given moment without prior notification and to terminate the programme at six months' written written written notice. l. The programme is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Such changes may impact your earning Miles or Comps. Member may not be able to receive all rewards at any time or use rewards for all locations or on all fligths. Advantage rewards, earn miles, and promotions are governed by law.

AAC is not liable for any product or service provided by other member airlines. Learn more about the AAdvantage programme at aa. com/advantage. American Airlines and AAdvantage are brands of American Airlines, Inc. You will be charged a frequency traveller rate and surcharge. An additional charge for the frequency or excise programme may be levied and is calculated in conjunction with points accrued on the basis of a booking.

To learn more or to sign up for the American Airlines AAdvantage programme, please use the information below.

rental company

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