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You can earn premiums and discounts with our partner airlines. Choose your airline and discover the savings. US Top Car Hire Locations. US Top Car Hire Locations. Continue working towards awards after landing with our car rental partners.

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Use your RapidRez number for the booking and then fill in your programme information in stage 4. Or, simply stop at the check-in desk and give your frequency number at the airports taking part. You do not need a Fastbreak/RapidRez number to collect frequentmiles. You will be charged a frequency traveller rate and surcharge.

Discounts depend on place, date, rental period, vehicle category and other criteria.

Discounts depend on place, date, rental period, vehicle category and other criteria. Mileage Plus members can collect up to 1,250 award Mileage Plus points from qualified Hertz car rental companies. Mileage Plus members collect 50 mileage every single rental per rental per rental per rental per rental from one to four nights or 500 mile per rental for qualified rental of five or more nights for dollar and thrifty car-hire.

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards is the car rental rewards programme associated with these types of payment car. Both MileagePlus Club and Presidential Plus Club members are granted Hertz President's Circle membership. Both Premier Silver and Premier Gold members earn Hertz Five Star membership. All MileagePlus members with Premier Platinum and above are granted Hertz President's Circle membership.

Hertzian: Rents in Japan do not qualify for award mileage. You can use the 62455 Rebate Coupon Number ( "CDP") to get up to 40% off the later basic interest rates of qualified rental rates in Hertzian Hill. Discounts differ by place, date, rental period, vehicle category and other criteria; discounts do not always apply.

There will be limitations on ages, drivers, loans and rates for the place of rental. A $0.75 per diem supplement on the amount of mileage you earn when you book or collect your MileagePlus number. When the number of bonus mileage a member has accumulated for a Hertz rental is greater than 500 mileage, the 500 basic points will be booked to the member accounts first, and any points accrued in excess of 500 mileage will be booked within 5 workdays.

Reward mileage is accrued on the basis of Mileage Plus or the Mileage Plus cardholder's credit or debit cards at the moment the car is returned and not at the moment of rental or collection. The Mileage Plus number must be provided at check-in. Mileage will not be credited for fares in the tourism sector, wholesaler packs, insurance/dealer reimbursement, other special fares or group-trips.

To view the full Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Premium Level free deal for qualified MileagePlus members, please go to Allow 6-8 week after completing the qualification activities to credit your bankroll. Tax and charges in connection with reward trips shall be borne by the member.

Non-aviation Bonus Points, Bonus Points and all other points accrued through non-aviation activities are not eligible for pre-registration unless specifically indicated otherwise. Members are not entitled to non-forfeitable MileagePlus program awards when earning points or becoming a Premium or other type of member.

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