Airline Hotel and car Rental Packages

Hotel and Car Rental Packages

Tickets that have been booked once will not be refunded. Wherefore should students receive all discounts and flexible airline tickets? Select one of our Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy or other European holiday packages and save! At check-in, you must be able to show a valid ID card.


This information is designed to provide you with information about the various tax, government and other expenses for all travel-related operations, expenses and expenses that you may incur when booking your holiday with Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations. Unless otherwise stated, all rates are in U.S. dollar ($) and are inclusive of local tax, duties and levies.

We reserve the right to make changes to packages and pricing. Fees may vary depending on the date of your trip, number of travellers, airport of origin, flights, hotels or any other item and may include a minimal sojourn. The flat rate fees are quoted on full settlement by Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations and are liable to vary due to tax or other regulatory changes.

Packing enclosures and optional extras are subject to alteration without prior notification. Anyone with the same booking must buy the same parcel. During your trip, please be aware that you may be charged other costs not covered by the stated bundle rate to be paid to Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations, such as hotel supplements for additional people or beds, resorts taxes, tips, hotel power and/or telecommunication supplements, car park taxes, phone calls, room services, films, minibar or car rental insurances, fuel and other ancillary costs.

Flight passes that have been reserved once will not be refunded. If your holiday packet is changed or rebooked, the fare originally charged may be applicable to a new flight, provided that a rebooking charge and any difference in fares is made.

When cancelling your holiday packet and do not change your reservation, you must make any changes to your holiday packages directly with the airline, without prejudice to its policies and provisions, as well as paying a rebooking charge and any air fare concession. Airline companies can reverse double bookings without prior notification.

All Parks & Resorts Vacations is not liable for any changes in the timetable, delay, cancellation or non-performance of any airline for any cause, except but not restricted to strikes, storms or bust. Passengers are requested to confirm all departures directly with the airline as timetables are non-binding.

Passengers are liable for any supplemental charges levied by the airline (e.g. excess luggage or heavier luggage, drinks, films, etc.). A choice of place made at the moment of reservation is not warranted. Reservations are not available through Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations, seating will be allocated at check-in at the airports.

When traveling with a minor under 18 years of age please directly with the airline. The guest is responsible for fully and legally naming all travelers, as well as the child's birth date. Naturally, all prices are limited, may not be available on all routes and may vary without prior notification.

Tax and charges are calculated per ticketing and are inclusive, without restriction: Supplements - various airline supplements from $1. 50 to over $50 may be applied. Passanger Facility charges - up to $18.00, according to route. United States Federal Segments Fee - $3.40 per US Revenue Sector. Accommodation in hotels: The hotel check-in time is usually 4 p.m. Two twin bedded rooms are provided as a default, unless otherwise indicated.

The costs for room safe, roller bed and children's bed as well as all incidental tax are not contained in the parcel and are paid directly to the hotel. Tips, hotel rates, parkage, linen, phone call, meal, drinks, visits or other additional costs in the hotel are at the guest's expense. Additional or liaison rooms, room sites, bed linen and smokers' wishes are only possible on enquiry and according to availabilty at the moment of check-in.

If you have any particular requests, please let us know when you book. Audit fees: Upon receipt of the down and/or full settlement, a processing charge of $50 per operation, plus any service charges or rate increase that may apply, will be applied to any changes to the Reservations, except, but not restricted to, data, airline, hotel and land transport.

Airline bookings are subject to an exchange charge, plus a handling charge of $50 per booking and any other charges or fare rises levied by the airline. No refunds will be made. Specific kinds of booking changes, and name changes, are forbidden due to airline limitations.

Rent a car transactions: In the event that your customer keeps a rental car longer than the initial booking, they must directly transfer to the car rental office any extra costs, which include tax, government costs and other costs, when returning the rental car. All extra goods or service provided to the customer by the car rental service at the moment of collection must be directly payed by the customer to the car rental service.

Supplementary business rules and regulations are applicable to deals such as Trip Protection Options, Flight Trips, Halloween Horror Nights, Blue Man Group, VIP Tours and Discovery Cove. The Celebration Vacation Packages require full and non-refundable payments at reservation. The Discovery Cove will require 14 days prior notification to prevent any extra charges.

There are also supplementary requirements for a transaction, such as membership of the Blue Man Group. Buying a ticket must be fully prepaid at check-in and is non-refundable. Themeparks, Dining, Shows, Attractions, Fun & Ride, Activities and other facilities and functions are subject and may be suspended or suspended due to refurbishment, storage space, bad weathers, unusual circumstances or otherwise without prior notification and without responsibility to Universal Park & Resorts Vacations.

We will also be accepting cheques, traveller's cheques, cash orders and cheques for the closing payments. Your debit from your debit cardholder will be debited on the last due date (45 business day before arrival). In case you wish to transfer the remainder by another method of settlement, please call our offices (800-407-4275) at least 46 working nights before your stay or the remainder will be debited to the bank account used for the downpayments.

In the case of bookings that involve flights, the full cost of the flight ticket is due at the moment of making the bookings and must be fully prepaid in excess of one down per flight as described below: 45 - 0 nights - Full pay at the moment of your book. Parcels posted with a down payement are calculated in full automatic (restrictions apply).

The holiday pack must be paid in full at reservation and there is no refund. The Cancel for Any Reason plans pre-departure cover all cancellations charged by the airline, hotel, car rental or other tour operator up to 24 hrs before the hotel's original planned take-off or check-in times.

Flights or hotels must be reserved through Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations to be considered as departure dates. Any Reason Packages must be bought at the moment of purchase and/or full paymentof the Pack. After purchase, thecel for Any Reason plans are non-refundable, have no present value and can be used once (1) times.

Cancell for Any Reason is only available to the person(s) who reserved the trip and is not transferrable. You must call Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations at 800-407-4275 to void holiday packages. The fee is a one-off payment from Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations. Cancellations will be refunded to the initial payment cards used for the sale, including all funds received, except for non-refundable airline ticket costs and the costs of the CDP.

Any Reason does not include rate changes that may be higher at the point of transfer. You and Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations agree that all claim, dispute and matter resulting from or in relation to your reservation and these guidelines and proceedings shall be subject to the law of the State of Florida (without giving effect to conflicts of law) and, if any, in and before a tribunal in Orange County, Florida, USA, to the exclusive jurisdiction of any other state or state.

All Parks & Resorts Vacations is not responsable for errors or omissions. Universial Parks & Resorts Vacations is an independant distributor and the described service is provided by independant partners. In no event shall Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations be held accountable or liable for any losses, injuries (including bodily injury) or damages incurred in relation to the Customer's trip or other service or product provided by Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations, except but not limited to, transport, accommodation, attraction, meal or other service resulting from force majeure, meteorological conditions, strike, government or other government action, war, riot, kidnapping, theft or other circumstance beyond our reasonable discretion.

All transport is subject to the carrier's own transport company regulations (including all relevant tariffs). Vacations® Universal Parks & Resorts is licensed by the State of Florida as a tour operator.

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