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CAYAK searches hundreds of other travel websites at once to find the information you need to make the right decisions about flights, hotels and car rentals. Tremendous savings on hotels, flights, holidays, city breaks, cars, theatre tickets & spa. Flying First Class to Abu Dhabi and beyond and enjoying two free hotel nights! Locate cheap flights, hotels, packages, cruises and tours from Australia's leading travel agencies.

Discover what you can do during a 48-hour stopover in Abu Dhabi.

Emperor Chief's independent rocking group lead singer Ricky Wilson sets off on his journey through Abu Dhabi, where he was invited to take part in 24 different events in 48 hours: a great car around Yas Island, biking and the Yas Marina Circuit, trying exciting cruises in Yas WaterWorld, getting on a Superyacht like the Yas Marina, buy a wetsuit, drink high tee in a high-rise hotel, sandboard in the deserts, try chocolate pizzas, dunes beating, bellydancing, eating in the deserts,

sleep under the star, play golf, climb the world's quickest roller coaster in Ferrari Worlds, try some of the best dishes, kayak in the mangrove, haggle in the kayak, visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, get a face treatment with golden foil, celebrate in iris, sleep in a luxurious suites at the Yas Viceroy Hotel and enjoy a delicious bedtime meal.

Recently we invited Ricky Wilson - singer-songwriter, TV character and lead man of the UK indie-rock group Kaiser Chiefs - to explore the best Abu Dhabi for 48h. Whilst we don't anticipate all our visitors completing 24 different acitivities in 48hrs, make a stop on your next journey with us and we'll show you a great Abu Dhabi experience with our selection of stopovers, free accommodations and 2:1 acitivities.

Reserve two nights in Abu Dhabi and get the second free of charge! Select from over 60 properties and 2-for-1 offers for a variety of outdoor pursuits. Prices start at USD 44 per room / per day! 2 for 1 activity! Select from a large selection of properties and receive an immediate reservation receipt!

Business Class and First Class passengers get one free overnight and two free overnight stays. In addition, our Guest arriving in The Residence will spend two overnight stays at the Emirates Palace. Take the residence to Abu Dhabi and beyond and spend two free evenings at Emirates Palace!

Flying First Class to Abu Dhabi and beyond and enjoying two free hotel accommodations! Take a Business Class flight to Abu Dhabi and beyond and get a free hotelight! Do you have a running period of between six and twelve-hour? Make your reservation now and get an immediate reservation acknowledgment! There are non-alcoholic accommodation and activity options when staying in Abu Dhabi.

Get a discount on a city stopover Islamic tour! Select from a choice of desiccated properties!

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