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This site is provided as a convenience to travellers booking air travel. Will this be the future of the airline website? Join us on Twitter to see our best flight offers just found and current travel information, as well as how we're on Facebook for the latest airline sales, destinations and more. If you book through a third-party website, the airline does not consider you to be its customer. Ultimate source for airplane seats, in-flight amenities, shopping and airline information.

Future of airline websites

Think of a basic searching feature that is flexibly tailored to your unique needs. Think of text and forms that are statically filled out with compelling images and easy, straightforward tool sets. The perfect airline website would provide icon-driven browsing to say more in less room. Think of an experiment that inspires you to explore and discover boundless possibilities.

So why not provide smart choices that spare them unnecessary work? Let us provide the best possible price in live, depending on the user's position and preference. On the way there, we should support research by proposing pertinent choices that they may not have taken into account. Accommodation is the crux of almost any trip that requires a trip.

Let us include the hospitality business and provide a more coherent reservation event. Consider the airline's part in becoming a trustworthy adviser containing all kinds of information about the itinerary. Let us provide intelligent filter choices so that the port is endlessly versatile and customized for each individual consumer. Imagining the capabilities should be much simpler, with no additional work.

Just ask a few short quizzes and you will get an individual choice of choices. Let us provide this as a standard, inclusive of the origin information, depending on the users whereabouts. Globetrotter clients are the highest value for an airline. Let's give them an ingenious, hands-on approach to planning multi-city routes deserving of the twenty-first-century.

Just think, you click on Barcelona, drag it to Rome and see the flying hours and meteorological forecasts accordingly. Flying time, number of stations, take-off and target meteorological conditions at a single sight. Passengers need rapid and dependable information when flights are being delayed. With a few mouse klicks you should get rapid and pertinent information on your route.

Check-in to your plane is more than just an indication of your date of your departure. Realtime capabilities should provide upgrade and upgrade opportunities that are in the interests of both the client and the airline. At the heart of it is the desk top, the most important car for most travellers. It is a tactile sensation that should come very close to the desk top.

It was a proactive practice based on our ubiquitous obsession for an enhanced personal immersion in the world of work. Our fame is based on the principle of gradual disturbance - the vision that the electronic media provides an opportunity for beneficial changes that benefit everyone concerned. It is our modest appeal to the airline companies and the tourism sector in general.

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