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Simply sit back and search tens of reservation pages, aggregator and airline web pages to find great airfares for your next journey and you're really set for a week's holiday! Sadly, there is not a way for tired travellers to find inexpensive air travel. Like any other sale, you need to buy here to get the best offer - by trying different reservation pages, changing your details and maintaining them until the right moment.

Reserving later in the match can be very expensive, especially during busy travelling time. Ticket fares usually increase in the last two week before the flight, so if you plan in advanced, try to make the call before that date. If you are travelling around the world, you want to get the best deals even sooner - three to six month in advance. Just ask us.

You can find more information on certain reservation periods and suggestions under Would you like the best rate? You can sometimes buy last-minute seats for a good deal if the airline companies have not filled their aircraft. They can be found on specialised pages such as or sometimes on airline web pages and on-line reservation pages such as Expedia.

When you can withstand the excitement and if you are flexibility with your itineraries and appointments, you can find low-cost air tickets to very appealing locations. See Best betting for last minutes bookings for more information. However good it may sound, you should never choose the first ticket.

Begin your quest by reviewing some of the most important on-line tour operators such as Travelocity, TripAdvisor and Kayak. The review of these pages gives you an initial impression of which carriers are flying your specific flight plan, what the price is and what limitations may be. With this information, you can go directly to the airline's website to see if the same tickets are less expensive (some carriers ensure that they charge the cheapest rates on their own websites).

As you are there, make sure that the airline is making any purchases or promotional activities to your final location. When you don't see anything in your favourite class, don't be shy to wait for your own schedule and observe the rates for a while. The majority of large reservation pages have warning functions that will notify you by e-mail if your ticket prices fall to a level that you are willing to afford.

One of the most difficult parts of making a reservation is to know when to stop following rates and make the definitive buy. can help you make this choice by providing airfare forecasts for most larger towns. Simply connect your route and the site will recommend you either make your reservation now or postpone it, according to whether the price rises or falls.

You can also see if your ticket price is going up or down. Hopper will follow the route and inform you when the price falls. Remember that many carriers start selling fares on Tuesdays, so if you choose a Monday, you may grind your teeth when your next day's shopping.

When you are near more than one international destination, see the rates from all of them. There are many on-line rate search machines that will ask you if you are ready to leave more than one town or to reach more than one town. You can also try different trip data; postponing your route by a month, a weeks or even a few nights can make a big deal when looking for low-cost fligth.

The cheapest rates are usually found on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. For more information on this low-cost air fare policy, see The Best and Worst Flying Hours. Like their nicknames say, budget carriers can skimp on a bunch, but they are not always there. Fortunately for the consumer, discounter companies appear more often on aggregator and reservation pages (Kayak now provides rates for JetBlue and Spirit, for example) - but there are still a few holdingouts like Southwest and Allegiant Air, whose rates can't be found anywhere else than on their own webpages.

When you are travelling outside the USA, do not neglect to review the low-cost carriers. If you can use your frequentmiles, why even buy a rate? While redemption of mileage has become more challenging in recent years, it is still a good choice, especially if you book early; airline companies determine a finite number of places on each trip as suitable for reward flights, and these places go quickly.

A number of different types of payment may help you earn your mileage faster; see How to select the best travel payment method to find out more. When the price drops after purchasing your ticket, request a reimbursement! They may not always get one, but policy varies by airline - and many will not publish the fact that they will repay you the difference in going down rates.

To encourage tourist activities in their respective regions, many domestic carriers provide discounted airline ticketing for them. When you are traveling extensively to a specific destination or area, an airline ticket may be the cheapest choice. View the ticket and tariffs for the round-the-world trip. Don't miss out on our full range of deals for the latest tariffs - we publish new offers all the time.

Or use our price comparison utility to search for low-cost air travel. What is your best tip to find low-cost air travel?

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