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Do multiple online airline ticket sites use fraud to collect credit card numbers? The airline is suing man for starting a low-cost airfield. You now have the option of not paying the full cost of your ticket in advance. Rather than saving money on tickets, airlines' websites could rob you in two different ways. Travel agencies have largely, if not completely, replaced these locations.

Inquiry FACT CHECK: Flight Ticket Fraud

Statement: Several online airline ticket sites are fraudulent activities designed to collect payment cards or deceive customers for their funds. US Department of State CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) has provided the following information about fake airline ticketing websites as FYIs. DON'T go to the websites mentioned.

Be careful when buying airline seats on-line. This information was provided by the commissioned tourist agent to a German government authority. These airline ticket pages have been reported as fraudulent on your debit card). Customers are notified that the cardholder has been rejected, followed by money transfer directions for ticket payments and can take full control of the fare matchmaking process without having to contact airlines' agencies or reservations staff to quickly find the lowest tariff.

Unfortunately, ticket purchasers do not always know who they are working with or how serious they are. While we do not know the origin of the above mentioned alert that draws consumers' attention to various fraud airline websites (we have seen releases that include the US-CERT, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team; CIRT, the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division Operations; the Maryland Attorney General's-Office; and a general "federal agency"), we have seen many of the websites that he has listed.

Similar experience has been shared by web surfers on the,, ticket sites: they tried to buy ticket from these sites with plastic-card, got errors that indicated that their card could not be used, and were then pointed out that due to technological issues they had to make payments via Western Union: bold deals and it will take a while until everything is up and running.

Any new inquiries are put on ice and we want to delete all currently unpaid fees (users who have accepted our terms) via the only reasonable options I have found - the Western Union system. You provide safe and high level of personal security when paying by bank car. Luckily, many people seem to have been experienced enough to realise that something was wrong with these pages and that they could no longer give their credentials to them, cancel their passes after trying to buy through these pages, or refuse to comply with Western Union billing guidelines.

As with any other air ticket sale, approxveat emptor's approach is the same: If a shop is too good to be real, there is probably a tick.

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