Airline Tickets and car Rental Packages

Air tickets and car rental packages

Watch out for the car rental companies E-Z Rent-A-Car and Thrifty after you arrive with your Florida flight. Check out the most popular Air Coupons, Promo Codes and other free offers. thrifty Rent-A-Car offers killer deals on miles with car hire now! With HomeAway it is no longer just about holiday accommodation - it now offers airline tickets and rental cars through an affiliate contract with Priceline. Q: Do we book this package directly with Marriott?

General information about the products

Holiday packages must be at least 4 overnight stays in a guesthouse. Most of our packages are designed for the individual traveller, with the freedom to choose how many night you want to stay in each town and the possibility to build your own routes by choosing your own schedules, visiting towns, flights, etc.

In our holiday packages you can choose to mix the following services: hotel, car rental, car rental, international flight, transfer, sightseeing, cruise, hydrofoil, ferry, cruise, car rental, etc. Your payment will not be charged until we have received your consent to our suggested alternate. Unless otherwise stated or chosen in your travel route, the cost of the holiday packages does not cover carriage on the road.

  • This will be billed to your bank account once all flights, hotels and service have been approved. - You may have two items on your account, one from the airline and one from us, but always at the same overall rate. - In the event that we are unable to unconfirm your room before the expiry of the fare offered by us, we will provide you with the airline flight with your flight confirmation with your debit cards in order to give us another 24 hour confirmation of your accommodation.

However, some air fare prices do not allow us to reserve a seating at a specific rate unless it is subject to a specific timeframe. The airline companies only give us 24 hour to cancel an exhibited tickets. If in the unlikely and unlikely case that we had to make out the tickets to give us more free space, and we still could not get the room you wanted, the airline or we will reimburse you the full amount within 3 working days, based on whether the cardholder was us or the airline.

  • Cancellation" is understood to mean any changes in the name of a traveller who has been reserved (e.g. a shift from "J. Smith" to "John Smith"), the replacement of one traveller by another, a decrease in the number of travellers in the group and/or the completion of the whole journey.
  • Prices, flight rates, hotels available, car rental available, attractions and services available or trip details will not be validated until a necessary fee has been paid. Once a flight ticket has been made out, it is non-refundable. You are strongly advised to choose a flight with a 2 hour flight limit to reduce your connecting times.

You are responsible for confirming your departures (outbound and inbound) directly to the airline at least 72 hrs before your date of depart. You are also responsible for checking the free baggage allowances of each airline. Notice that your route may involve two or more carriers, and the baggage accepted on each carrier may vary from carrier to carrier.

On our website you can choose the places approved by the airline. Please feel free to get in touch with us at any stage to view/change your location numbers. Site-numbers are approved by the airline reservation system so that we can lock them on your name. Certain carriers are blocking the allocation of seating on certain routes and retain the right not to provide certain seating.

Airline companies sometimes overbook. The passenger must present and solve their questions of indemnification to the airline directly at the moment of the occurrence of the event. Travellers should schedule to arrive 3 hrs ahead of scheduled flights and 2 hrs ahead of scheduled flights. It is the passengers' responsibility to verify their routes with the airline 24 hrs before take-off.

There will be no refunds for lost tickets due to changes in the airline's timetable. Tickets - missing or reversed segment. Clients MUST always get in touch with us BEFORE departing if they need to void their tickets at the last moment. Air tickets are made out as 1 tick, i.e. if the traveller is missing the first trip, the airline will void ALL current trips.

Notice that all other sections included with this ticketing will be canceled. The customer must buy back a new voyage tickets. Tripmaster airline tickets cannot be modified or updated on any airline that participates in mileage/reward programmes. There will be no change of class after the tickets have been made out. A higher rate means a better quality accommodation in the opinion of its appraisers.

It is possible to classify our lists according to customers rating, prices, names and classes of establishments. Before you book your journey, we recommend that you check out other accommodation choices and choose one that will be marked as your favourite. You will find a map of the various resorts in each of our descriptions.

Linen (number of berths in the room and sizes of berths) is not guarantee and is available at the moment of check-in. Three-bedded rooms usually offer space for 3 grown-ups and the linen can be 2 single+ 1 pull-out couch or 01 double+ 1 pull-out couch or 3 single or whatever is provided by the resort itself.

In general, four-bed rooms offer space for 4 adult persons with a wide range of linen options (4 single or 2 single+ 1 pull-out couch or 1 double+1 single+1 pull-out couch or whatever the resort itself offers. Some of the facilities mentioned as free in these specifications may be subject to fees and availabilities may differ by seasons.

Just like airline companies, sometimes hoteliers overbook. Please be aware that we do not collect points for paying for your stay. Kindly be aware that there may be exit fees according to the place of your accomodation. Package: 00 US$ per bed and per day according to category. You have to prepay these fees directly to the resort, as they are regarded as visitor's duty.

Train information for Asia: Japan Rail Pass Exchange Orders are non-refundable once made. The Japan Rail Pass Exchange orders contained in your pre-paid packet are posted to the Japanese rail system 30 to 60 business days before your date of travel to Japan. Several premium train services in Japan have restricted availabilities.

Timetables and route may vary. Remember that you cannot be assured a place on a particular rail during difficult travelling times. Exchanges Orders are hard copy orders sent to customers at least 30 business days in advance (unless otherwise specified). A Japan Rail Pass is valid for 7, 14 or 21 successive business days from the date of first use.

In the absence of physically exchanged tickets, customers will purchase new point-to-point tickets at the railway stations at their own cost. Information about trains in Europe: Trains journeys contained in your pre-paid parcel are posted in the European rail system 30 to 120 working days before the date of delivery.

A number of night premiere European night services have restricted availabilities. Timetables and route may vary. Rail tickets are hard copy tickets sent to the customer at least 30 workingdays before departure (unless otherwise specified). Customers must check their tickets at each railway terminal before embarking.

Drivers may apply a sanction on board if they have not validated their tickets. These fines are imposed in domestic currencies and must be settled in the form of hard money. Tickets for trains can be issued: If tickets have confirmation periods, they must be used as reserved, otherwise the value of the tickets will be lost. There will be no refunds to customers who did not meet the planned timetable for their trains.

Changes in booking confirmation periods are punishable by a penalty. Timetables are not guarantee until confirmation and are available. Tickets that are open are made out for a certain date and the customer can freely choose the desired departing hour at the railway stations. Dependent on the customer's chosen timetable, he may have to make an additional booking at the railway depot before embarking.

Tickets that have been mislaid, taken or returned home will not be refunded. In order to travel on European rail ways, you must have your own tickets. In case a passenger does not have physically purchased tickets, he/she buys new tickets at his/her own cost at the railway stations.

It takes us at least 3 successive workingdays to confirm the rental cars. The rental period is calculated in 24-hour steps from the date of borrowing. Often there is no change in prices for a 5, 6 or 7 night rental. Certain jurisdictions stipulate that you must present an international driver's license at the collection point to inspect the rental car.

IDL is a translator's notebook that comes with your government-issued driver's licence when you travel outside the USA. Designed for expatriate officers to be able to read your current driver's licence. There are two different car rental prices available from our car rental brokers.

Base price includes third party and fire insurances (you would need to use your local debit or debit cards to pay for CDW and theft).

If, for any reasons, we do not advertise the INCLUSIVE tariff on our website and the INCLUSIVE tariff is advertised instead, we recommend that you apply for a contract renewal, as in Europe health cover is much more costly than pre-emption. The CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is a clause in rental agreements where the lessee is billed an additional charge for cover and the lessor in turn undertakes to relinquish his right to compensate for loss due to damages incurred to the vessel.

In most cases, the policy comes with an indispensable retention, for which the hirer is liable if damages are caused to the rental car. In many cases, the retention can be reduced by taking out Super CDW or a zero vested benefits policy on collection. A lot of large US and Canada based debit card companies will provide this coverage for 30 and 45 day periods respectively.

Contact your local cardholder service to find out if they have CDW coverage. The liability policy shall indemnify the Hirer for damages or physical injury to people and/or objects outside the hired motorhome. If the rented car is robbed, this policy shall indemnify the Hirer. In case your rental car is stole, a 24 hour post hijacking form must be completed and the rental car informed.

A lot of US debit badges will offer this assurance for Europe rental together with CDW. Make sure you ask your cardholder about what type of cover you have. If a rental car is taken back to a place other than its original place, it is deemed a one-way rental.

One way rentals are two types: national rentals are within the same county and national rentals arise when the car is given back to another county. When you book a one-way rental, you will be informed whether this is permitted and whether there is a charge at the moment your rental is made.

If your rental car becomes impassable during the rental period, the service provider should offer road clearance and recovery to you. As a rule, the telephone number for road service is indicated on the rental contract, on the lanyard or in the gloves compartment. In any case, please review your rental contract for further detail.

There is NO sight-seeing in our base packages. Guided walks are additional features that you can choose to incorporate into your route while creating your own packages. Certain travel agents may arrange for you to be picked up from the hotels, while others may ask you to join the group at a specific time. Although a pickup may not be listed in the route descriptions (and therefore not in our price), some travel agents may offer a "free" pickup if the property is near their meeting point or in the historical centre.

Dependent on the destination of your visit, you will need to call our seller 24 hrs before the visit to see if a pick-up from the hotels can be organised. If, for any reasons, a passenger misses the free pick-up or if, for any reasons, the travel agent does not show up, they will NOT be reimbursed for the return of the package.

All inclusive rates are quoted in US dollar rates per person per week on the basis of twice the room rate. Airport tax and petrol supplements are contained in our indicated rates. The proposed trip data for promoted packages are given as a guide only. Rates are quoted on the basis of available space at the moment the ad is made. As soon as there is a changing rate of arrival, the announced rates and proposed departure times will be changed accordingly.

Holiday package pricing is changeable without prior notification. Our fares are based on our market conditions and are dependent on our customers' needs and expectations. Tailor-made routes must be posted immediately after creation to ensure the right rate and the right uptime. Stored (old) routes must be completely reassessed at the point at which you can make your booking.

Your ultimate parcel rate will depend on what you chose when you made your reservation. There is no guarantee of fares, flight rates, hotels available, car rental available, attractions and services available or trip details until your transaction has been handled and settled. Should a guesthouse for any reasons not be able to provide confirmation, we will inform you of alternative options as soon as possible.

We will not charge your payment to your account until all your hotel details have been approved. You will then be notified by e-mail and have the opportunity to authorise the right price/route or cancels your reservation without penalty. It is your responsibility to either agree to or refuse your policy at the moment you buy your parcel.

Insurances must be taken out together with the parcel and can only be added before processing your reservation. Our company accepts all common types of payment card from the USA, Great Britain and Canada. Each entry will result in the overall cost of your parcel. The system allows you to fully fund your parcel with 2 payment methods.

The system allows you to scale your payment with ONLY ONE CREDIT MAP. Customer's commitment to us is the total amount of the reservation at the date of the reservation, regardless of how much of the reservation was made to us. Cancelation fees are calculated according to the total amount of the reservation and not according to the instalments cleared at the moment of cancelling.

In the event that the penalty for cancellations exceeds what we have already payed, you consent to our charging your debit and debit cards with any outstanding cancellations charges. Leave 2 - 3 working days after full disbursement to get a definitive e-mail confirming the receipt of your voucher. In order to provide a service at the end supplier (hotels, tourist agencies, car rental agencies, etc.), you must printout your coupons and take them with you during the journey.

Rail tickets, hydrofoils for Europe and certain airline tickets cannot be made out in the shape of a non-gift coupon and must be made out on piece of paper. Please note that these tickets must be made out on the same day as the flight. We will send your printouts to FedEx approximately 30 workingdays before departure. Tickets for some trains are available 15-10 workingdays prior to departures.

Tickets in these cases are FedEx'd within one working day of leaving. In case you did not specify the delivery costs in your parcel, we will calculate the corresponding delivery costs and calculate the travel costs. As soon as your packet is finished, name changes are NOT permitted. Holiday packages are not negotiable.

Airline companies and other suppliers do not allow name changes on their tickets. It is not possible to modify the name of an airline/train/train/hydrofoil/cruise or mini-package card or pass the tickets on to another person. If you give us the false name(s) for your booking, you consent to the cancellation of that booking by using all applicable fines and redemption provisions at the then available rate.

Changes to the packages include: date changes, cancellations/changes of a particular part of your parcel and changes to the same date's sailing times on Airline/Train/Train/Hydrofoil/Cruise/Smipakettickets. Once tickets have been purchased, all airline tickets are non-refundable. Generally, carriers allow changes as long as the initial flight booking has been voided in advance of the flight date. It may take 24 hrs for some carriers to reverse the initial flight plan in order to be able to edit a ticket alteration.

Certain carriers request that you choose a new date of journey and change tickets before the date of the journey. Certain carriers allow you to use tickets for a prospective conversion up to one year from the date of the initial ticket, provided that the flight booking is voided in advance of your flight date. Certain carriers do not allow changes at all, not even for a surcharge.

There are some tickets that cannot be redirected. If changes are allowed, all tickets must be displayed as OPEN in order to handle an interchange. The airline's alteration charges shall be in accordance with the airline's tariff regulations plus any increased price differential. Modification charges differ by airline. Tariffs may differ within an airline.

It is not possible to change a flight from one airline to another. Once your journey has begun, you can directly call the airline to make changes to your booking. Airline will give you directions to change your initial tickets when you validate your new travel route. For general guidance, airline fines for changes can vary between $100 and $300.

Package 00 per voucher. So, the nearer your date of travel that you are changing, the more likely it is that there will be higher fines. The fines for hotels differ depending on the object. Every real estate and every hotelier can set different terms for changes. Under these circumstances, each vendor may impose different variation sanctions on the same ownership.

Please be aware that according to the seasons some hotels cannot be changed at all (fairs, congresses, weddings, holidays, New Year, Christmas, etc.). The passenger must, however, accept the new rate in WRITTEN (by e-mail) before we can make any changes to the accommodation. Possible reimbursements (and penalties) resulting from the modification shall not be notified to us by the Suppliers for at least three working days.

Changes made 60 nights or more before your scheduled date of embarkation will not be penalised. Tickets for trains are always available within 60 workingdays of departure. After the exhibition, each transfer will be fined US$25 per passenger and any differences in tariff. Please be aware that some tickets are not upgradable even if they are purchased for a fee.

After the issue of a rail pass, it is no longer reimbursable. Once a modification is applied for and the tickets are in your possession, you ( the customer ) are solely liable for returning your tickets to our offices. However, we cannot handle the switch until we have received the genuine tickets. Modifications to rental cars before departing may result in a seller's charge.

Please keep in mind that there is a 3 days min. if you choose to shorten your rental time.... You will be notified of any changes. You may have to make the payment directly to the car rental service according to your itinerary. If you are changing the nearer your date of leaving, the more likely you are to face higher fines.

Changes/cancellations within 10 working day may lead to non-refundable trips or transfer. Hydrofoil / boat tickets are made out in Greece and shipped from our suppliers to the USA as soon as they are available for your appointments. If you request a modification and the tickets are in your possession, you must return them to our offices.

You can only edit a modification if: You can buy the tickets in our offices AND 2. There' s plenty of elapsed waiting for our Grecian suppliers to send you new tickets AND plenty of elapsed waiting for us to send you the new tickets. In case the above mentioned requirements cannot be met, we can return your initial tickets (penalties will be imposed) and ask you to buy new tickets yourself as soon as you reach Greece.

Notice that some hydrofoil/ferry tickets may not be reimbursable at all, not even for a charge. If you are nearing the date of your scheduled arrival, the more likely you are to be fined. Rates and availabilities for new appointments or new/changed service on the same date may differ from your initial bundle rate, especially if you switch from low to peak time.

Amendments made by air carriers as a result of the reorganisation of their routes and/or the changing of aircraft. Airline has the right to adjust/change and terminate services until the date of travel. It is not our responsibility to make any mistakes that the airline companies might cause. No liability will be accepted for cancellations, missing or misconnected departures due to changes in the timetable.

Overnight stays in hotels which may arise due to a flight plan amendment cannot be replaced. When the airline provides a full reimbursement due to a significant time lag, you are liable for purchasing the new tickets from another airline. It is not permitted to make a bank wire from one airline to another.

The refund by the airline can take between 6-8week. Every vendor has its own terms and punishments for cancelling. The terms and condition of the Contractor may be changed without advance notice", therefore we can only generally describe some of these sanctions as follows: Flight tickets are non-refundable. Amendments are allowed as long as the booking is cancelled 48 hrs in advance of flight start (see Changes for more information).

Reimbursement due to bereavement or healthcare - If the airline's policy permits reimbursement, it is up to the airline to assess your case and handle a full and/or full reimbursement in the case of bereavement or healthcare. An airline requires evidence such as a deceased person's deathbed, a mission report and/or a doctor's note.

Bookings must be canceled before the date of ticket submission to apply for a reimbursement to the airline. Printed airline tickets must be returned to our offices for a full refund based on the above exclusions. No-Show" is not a notice to unsubscribe or modify before check-in.

There'?s no value in tickets foroshow. Accommodation has different fines depending on the date of your arrival at the accommodation and others. During the high seasons, for example, more severe fines are applied, such as during high winters, midsummer, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. Tickets for trains cannot be refunded. A contractual fine can be levied at any time for cancelations of rental cars.

As you approach your date of despatch, the more likely you are to be fined. Cancellation within 10 working day may lead to non-refundable trips or transfer. Hydrofoil / Faeroe if hard copy tickets must be in our offices at least 7 workingdays before the date of your trip to be eligible for a refund.

The fines are imposed under certain terms and conditons for hydrofoil boats and boats. Certain tickets are non-refundable and non-redirectable. There will be no refund if you are not able to participate in a planned travel programme within the plan. If, due to unexpected circumstance, you arrive at your accommodation one extra working days behind schedule, no refund will be made.

If you have not already left your holiday or made a reservation, we can make a full reimbursement of the policy within 10 workingdays after you purchased the programme. After 10 working days after the purchase of the programme no reimbursement of the insured premiums will be made. Requests for reimbursement, if admissible, must be made in written form within 30 workingdays of the scheduled date of restitution and must be supported by appropriate documents proving the amount to be reimbursed.

Under certain circumstances, reimbursements can only be made after appropriate review and authorisation by our suppliers, which can be a long time. Sometimes a solution can take between 30 and 60 workdays. Travellers should schedule to arrive 3 hrs ahead of scheduled flights and 2 hrs ahead of scheduled flights.

Tickets that have been mislaid, taken or returned home will not be refunded. Often you must have your own tickets to get on European railways. Rental vehicles have a 3 day duration of residence. It is possible to use less than the 3 day period, but we cannot reimburse the balance on your comeback.

We reserve the right to refuse any trip before leaving, in which case a full reimbursement constitutes full compensation for all liabilities. Issuing a voucher or ticket constitutes acceptance of the above terms and condition. However, the airline in question shall not be responsible for any acts, omissions or events during the period during which the passengers are not on the aircraft.

At the time of their issue, the passenger's tickets shall be the only agreement between the carriers and the buyer and/or air traveller. Prices quoted in each location are quoted at local currency rate and are quoted at the time of purchase and are susceptible to changes. You can delete, add, or modify all your tax, gratuity, and porters' fees without prior notification.

The com is not liable for any changes made by the passengers after leaving.

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