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Hotel Airline Tickets Car Rental Packages

The new Flight + Hotel + More; Flight + Car Cities. com offers the latest offers for hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises and travel packages. Q: Will the hotel part of my package be all-inclusive? You can book a cheap flight and hotel room together, or add a car rental to save even more with holiday packages.

Book flights for most major airlines. Save money and collect holiday points with our price comparison guarantee.

F: Why should I choose a holiday pack instead of reserving my flights, hotel and car individually?

F: Why should I choose a holiday pack instead of reserving my plane, hotel and car individually? Combining our great hotel prices with reduced fares and car rental prices usually costs less than purchasing each one. F: Do you want to order this pack directly from Marriott? F: Will I live on a Marriott Holiday Clublot?

A: Marriott Vacation Club real estate is listed in the hotel list. F: Will the hotel part of my pack be all-inclusive? When a real estate object has a flat fee, this is clearly indicated when the booking is made. and we need the age of the kids to properly charge for some of the items you can order when making your booking.

The same information is also stored during the booking process. F: Why is the Marriott Hotel not included? One: Your favorite hotel may not appear because it is not available for the trip data you specify. When the hotel is out of stock for even one of your desired trip data, it will not appear in the available items listing.

To book a specific hotel, you can modify your date of departure or regularly verify whether your hotel's hotel of choice is available. F: Why did the booking modify my hotel details so that I can book? F: How do I know that my booking has been approved?

After you have typed in the name of all your customers and made the payments, a route will appear at the top of the confirmations page. This may take a few seconds for the confirm message to appear. Click Complete Booking only once and do not stop or exit the website until you have received your verification number.

By clicking the Stop Buttons and then clicking Finish Booking again, you can validate your booking more than once and charge your cardholder twice. Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be sent an automatic e-mail confirming your booking. F: What documentation will I get after I have confirmed my booking?

If you are booking a parcel, all your trip documentation will be sent electronically. Once you have confirmed your booking, you will immediately get an e-trip booking receipt. Your e-trip confirmations verify the trip elements you chose when booking. We will issue your flight tickets as e-tickets (electronic tickets). Your airline's verification number will be in your mail confirmations.

A number of intercontinental air services may, however, necessitate the use of printed tickets. In case no e-tickets are available, we will issue and send you your tickets after checking your adress. We will contact you and send you an up-to-date e-trip booking confirmations by e-mail with the changes. F: How do I make more than one hotel reservation?

F: Can I choose two different accommodations for my group? No, only one hotel flat can be reserved per parcel. F: Can I only spend the night in the hotel for part of my parcel? F: Can I include a car, a car ride or an extra person in my parcel after it has been purchased?

F: Can I buy First Grade or Airline tickets? F: Do I have to buy a flight for a small child? A. For domestic airfares within the United States, toddlers under the age of two may be traveling in the arms of an adult without the need to buy a stand-alone seat.

You must buy a single fare for all travellers, regardless of ages, for out-of-us. A. Qualifying for airline mileage accrual is governed by the regulations and limitations of the airline's frequency program. F: Do I earn Marriott Rewards points for buying a pack?

Rewards® members receive Marriott Rewards points and Marriott Rewards Redemption Points according to the Marriott Rewards® Programme requirements. One: The default period of points and residence balance on the member bank accounts is one calendar month from the date of cash. As a Marriott Rewards member, please go to and click Register Now to register.

F: Can I use my Marriott Rewards points or frequentmiles to buy a pack? The full amount must be paid at the moment of your arrival to validate the reservations. F: Can I use more than one bank account? No, only a valid debit or debit cards will be allowed to buy your holiday pack.

F: Can I pay with a Marriott Giftcard? Marriott Gifts Cards can be used for almost anything that can be recharged during a sojourn in your room. F: What happens if the site refuses my badge? and the website refuses a charge Cards if you provide the incorrect information, insert an incorrect charge Cards or the charge Cards have reached their limits.

When your current usage expires or exceeds your limits, try a different type of payment method. F: What debits appear on my payment slip? The costs for the whole parcel will be invoiced to you at the moment of your reservation. Advice: Your definitive parcel rate may contain supplements such as airfield dues, state duties, departure dues, airline fares, goverment dues and gasoline surtax.

F: How do I know what is included in the bundle pricing? If you are looking for a bundle, the available choices always contain the combination of hotel and fares, functional pricing, charges and all relevant air and hotel tax. Certain resorts and car park charges or car rental charges and tax may be due directly to the resorts or car rental companies at the moment of the cash or collection of the car.

They may also be liable for the charges incurred for luggage to be paid to the airline at check-in. To see current air luggage charges, click the Fare Detail and Charges links on the Air Luggage Utility page. F: Is transport between the hotel and the international airports covered by the parcel service?

When car rental is available in the city you are looking for, the car rental option is shown as part of the posting procedure. F: Will the cost of my parcel vary after I have confirmed it? After you have requested your money and confirmed your reservations, the total amount will not be changed.

F: I was just making a booking when my computer came in. If the Reservations Verification screens did not appear before the connection was lost, the site probably had no way to finalize your booking. F: I have not received a verification email; what should I do?

and you will get a 24 hour order acknowledgement by return of your order. Please review your junk/spam emails if you have not been sent an emailed verification within this period. If you report an issue, enter the issue and as much booking information as possible. F: How do I validate my booking?

F: How can I change or cancelling my reservations? F: Who do I turn to if I need help or individual advice? Please verify the hotel name of your Marriott Hotel or Hotel to get information about the number of rooms available. Choose the name of the hotel anywhere in the hotel bookings and verify the hotel detail page.

Alternatively, you can directly call your chosen Marriott Hotel. If you are travelling within the United States, you must have an unused official ID (e.g. a US driver's license) that exactly corresponds to the name on the booking. Please note: Due to changes in passport conditions, please consult your U.S. passport authority for the latest information.

F: Can I include my guests in a validated booking? and you will not be able to book a seat for you. F: Will my e-mail be used for promotional activities? If you give us your e-mail or sign up for Marriott Rewards or receive a copy of your hotel bill by e-mail, we will regularly e-mail you to inform you of promotional items and events that may be of interest to you (unless you unsubscribe).

For more information about Marriott's e-mail policy, please read our privacy policy at the bottom of this page. We will not sell your information to third parties.

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