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Norway Airlines offers cheap airlines to Europe. Not as cheap as you overheard.

Last weekend, Norwegian Air, a low-cost airline that wants to make a name for itself on the US airline markets, started selling cheap, straightforward air travel passes from the USA to Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. A striking action even provided one-way trips to Ireland for $65. to take the cheap rates to Dublin, Shannon and Cork in Ireland, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh in Scotland.

However, perhaps more importantly, the strongly supported low, low tariffs were a restricted "introductory price", the firm said. This is a kind of boneless Intercontinent trip that may not be familiar to US travellers and is fully booked. Mr. Kaufman said there were still one-way tickets for $99 and $109, the next two prize levels above a promotional prize he named "ultralow".

"$65 si buchstäblich nur ONE date avec cette option", schrieb eine Frau auf Twitter. "But they were gone so quickly you can't believe it," the carrier answered. Mr Kaufman said that "especially in the high seasons there is always the chance that the tariff structures are not so different" than with large airlines that operate from large theatres.

A few years ago Norwegian Air was a rough-hearted climber, but today it is the tenth biggest expatriate carrier in terms of the number of available seats . These will be the first ever scheduled flight to Stewart International Airport in Newburgh and T.F. Green Airport in Providence. She will also offer the first overseas services to Cork and the only US services to Belfast.

The entry of Norwegian Air into the US was rejected by working groups, airlines and legislators in the United States who were concerned about the effects on employment in the US, but at the end of last year it was cleared by the Obama government. In announcing the new facility last weeks, the firm emphasized that its flying teams would be located in the United States, saying it was hoping the facility would boot tourism and to create new jobs in New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Irish civil servants are optimistic that low-cost ticketing will turn into more US travel. It would not have been possible to quote a price difference between two fares in an older release of this paper. Tariffs contained various functions. With the heading:

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