Airplane and Hotel Packages

Aircraft and hotel packages

Choose a free wedding package or expand your offer with a more elaborate collection. What a difference it is AccorHotels, in collaboration with MisterFly, a Paris-based on-line tourist office specialising in air and air hotel packages, offers its clients the opportunity to make hotel and air package bookings and select from more than 200 AccorHotels in 30 locations around the world. The selection of aircrafts comes from several companies, both operators and budget fliers, and the reservation machine suggests the best timetable for the customer as well.

Travellers can also modify the travel option and select exactly which airline or airline to fly to and the parcel costs are automatic. First in France and then in the UK, further nations will be added. AccorHotels SVP of E-Commerce and Digitally at AccorHotels, Romain Roulleau, said the new facility will be "massively promoted" in these marketplaces, although he did not say how much of a capital or technical effort this is.

" for all your travelling needs is our primary goal," said Mr. Fredd. To have a hotel airline selling tickets under their own label. com site, or in conjunction with a hotel reservation, is not necessarily something that is pioneering to be safe. Marriott, for example, has teamed up with Expedia to do just that with its Vacations by Marriott packages.

However, the importance of AccorHotels' new partnership is the curatorial project and the fact that there are more ways to collect more points than if you booked a Vacations by Marriott pack, for example. "Clients participating in our Le Club AccorHotels fidelity programme receive points on the value of the hotel from the very first morning and soon also on the total value of the parcel, which includes the value of the flight," said Roulleau.

To compare: The total number of points a visitor can collect by purchasing a Marriott holiday pack is 5,000 Marriott Rewards points. The Marriott gives the member these 5,000 points four to six week after the end of the journey. However, with AccorHotels' air and hotel packages, the 33 million members of LeClub Accor immediately get points for the value of the hotel part of the packages and later also extra points for the total value of the packages.

You can also collect points for the fidelity programme of the airlines they are flying. As these are package deals, the guest they are booking will not know exactly what part of the overall hotel costs and what part of the air fare (or rail, as the Eurostar trip is also included) will be charged.

Accor Hotels computes the number of points you earn behind the scenery. The first pilots will only get Accor Hotels brand real estate, from mid-scale to luxurious, in the packages. Inclusion of the Fairmont, Raffles and Swisssotel brand also depends on the possible incorporation of the Fairmont President's Club loyality programme into Accor's own LeClub Accor Hotels programme, which Roulleau says will be finalised by next year.

However, will customers be confident about the book? Mr Roulleau said Accor had chosen to test this driver first in France and the UK, mainly because Europeans are generally more used to package tours than Americans, for example. However, the company is planning to deploy the aircraft in the USA and Asia-Pacific.

Asked whether the packaging was attractive enough for price-conscious customers, Rolleau replied that he was not interested in convincing customers that these new packaging would give them the best possible value. Mr Roulleau also said that he deliberately opted for a firm like MisterFly to put the packages together because "they are expert at getting the best value for money for each segment" and the fact that they "cooperate with all airlines".

" Only two years old, MisterFly is in charge of delivering the air and hotel packages from Vente-Privee, a France-based e-tailer for Adobe flash retail. Accor Hotels is the company's first hotel associate. Mr Roulleau said that this type of relationship also gives Accor the freedom to address single carriers as affiliates for specific rebates, incentive or promotion offers.

He added that the customer experiences in bookings of these packages are not like a conventional hotel reservation machine, but more like a meta search beacon. The packages will also work well with other AccorHotels products. MostChic, a web site purchased from AccorHotels just last months, will also offer these packages on its own site and will be labeled "linked" to AccorHotels. com, but the web site's web site's web site will not supersede these ongoing packages, Rouelleau said.

French and British customers who use MoodMatch to select a hotel can also make reservations for these packages if their selected hotel is one of the 200 hotels in the packages. Undoubtedly, this piloting programme builds on the recent investment and acquisition that AccorHotels has just made over the past year to turn itself into a new kind of hotel business that not only cares about offering overnight accommodation to travellers.

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