Alamo car Rental las Vegas

Vegas Alamo car rental

Find the best prices for Alamo car hire in Las Vegas. Book a car through Alamo . Receive directions, reviews and information about Alamo Rent A Car in Las Vegas, NV.

Vancouver Airport (LAS) Car Rental

If you are checking in on-line, you' ll be saving your own valuable desk hours. This way we have your drivers information and your personal preference available when you come to the ticket office. Jump over the switch line and directly register via the Alamo Prophone' contact area. You will receive a printout of the check-in at the newsstand and a bone-sized rental contract. You will be guided to your rental car in the parking area.

Show your rental contract and driving licence to the stand operator at the door - and just leave. There is no need to go to the desk or newsstand. To use this free elective feature, you must register on-line and then select the'Skip switches' button.

They must validate your security settings, accept the terms of the rental contract and provide a current debit cardholder (no fee will be charged until your car is returned). Just squeeze out your lease and you're done! Get directly to your car, show the stand agents your rental contract and driving licence - and get on your way!

Once you arrive at the rental car centre, please go to the Alamo desk to obtain your rental contract and car keys. No matter if you want to try your hand at happiness, enjoy astonishing meals or see world-class shows, Las Vegas is the place to be. Once your plane reaches McCarran International Airport, please see the luggage collection notices.

Get off at the nearest rental centre by car. Collect your rental contract and car keys from our Alamo office. Then you can explore the following rides, all just a quick car journey from the Aiport. One of the main features of Las Vegas, the Strip is only a 15 minute car journey from the city.

Less than 12 leagues from the international airports, Fremont Street Experience is a 24-hour miracle country full of attractions and activities. When Las Vegas' permanent stimulating is not what you need for your holiday, visit the Natural History Museum, where you can take a few lessons.

It is less than 12 kilometres from the international airports. There' so much more to Las Vegas than just a casino. Collect your rental car at the Aiport and then explore this buzzing town.

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