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All-Inclusive Ireland Holidays | All-Inclusive Travel to Ireland One of the most appreciated ways to see Ireland and see everything it has to show for yourself is to take an all-inclusive holiday in Ireland. Specialising in destinations, we provide a number of all-inclusive coach trips throughout Ireland, with a variety of routes covering various well-known sights and places throughout Ireland.

You can even book an all-inclusive holiday in Ireland combined with a Scotland or UK holiday. Whether you are looking for a'Taste or Ireland' or'Scottish and Irishman Dream' or perhaps an'Irish Welcome' or'Irish Discovery', we have the perfect all-inclusive holiday for your next holiday in Ireland!

All-Inclusive Greece Holidays | Packages & Independent Travels

Sun-flooded towns, old memorials, cliffy islets towering out of the Aegean Sea: The country captivates the mind with its thousand years of tradition and wealth of historical and cultural heritage. The exploration of Greece's antique towns with an all-inclusive holiday is your gateway to understand the legend, myth and event that made Greece one of the most important countries in the annals of our people.

It is the centre of most holidays in Greece and you don't want to miss it. There is more than just the spectacular Acropolis, where the remains of antique churches make a real link to it all. Although you will be spending much of your free day discovering the mountain peaks and the Acropolis Museum, you should take your free moment to stroll through the old Plaka roads and stop at a street café; go to Constitution Square, where the Evzones are guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider; and see the frescos and mosaic in the Christian Museum of Byzantium.

Herodes Atticus' Odeon Theatre is the venue for theatre and musical productions in summers, as would have been the case when it was constructed in 161 AD. There is a ruin museum commemorating the four-yearly Olympic Games, which were staged here for at least a thousand years.

In Olympia, a shrine to Zeus, you can discover the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, one of Greece's most important collection, before setting off to visit the remains of the practice ground, the arena, the priests' residences and the temple that formed this holy centre of antique Hellenicism.

Delphi's antique churches are located in a mystic environment, on the hillsides of Parnassus, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth and oileyards. The Apollo Temple from the fourth centuary, where the divine Oracles celebrated their prophecy, is a holy centre of the classic time.

This is only the beginning of what you can discover in Greece. Spend a longer holiday in Greece and see Pella, the centre of the empire of Alexander the Great; Thessaloniki, Greece's second capital and the second largest capital with influence of Rome, Byzantium and Europe; Corfu, a wonderful Ionian Sea with a magnificent emperor villa, a picturesque old quarter and Venice villas; or sailing to the ancient islands of Santorini and Mykonos to see their splendour.

From all-inclusive Greece holidays with accommodation, trips, transfer, transportation and selected restaurants, a trip and a sojourn in Athens, hotel/air parcels and more.

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