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Vacation Apple, Apple Travel Agency Make your reservation online with Apple Holiday and start saving 10%! Over 35 years, Apple Holiday has been the preferred destination for holidaymakers across the country. With the largest selection of top-of-the-range holidays at the best possible price, plus practical services you won't find at any other holidaymaker.

Make your holiday dreams come true with Apple Holiday! No matter whether you travel on comfortable charters or with one of the big airline companies, with Apple you always travel in class! Accessible charters are often the best way to get to your preferred holiday destination, with a non-stop flight that is often not available through regular airline companies.

We also offer a large choice of day-to-day departures to Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond from destinations throughout the country with large airlines. Booking your Apple holiday on-line now and start saving 10%. Once you reach your final destinations, your Apple representative will welcome you at the Apple International Headquarters and accompany you to your convenient, air-conditioned bus-transport.

In most of the resort locations, your representative will hold a welcome letter to familiarize you with your travel destinations, respond to your queries, organize your trips and make sure your holiday goes as expected. There is an Apple Vacations service with an exceptional meteorological warranty. If unlucky meteorological conditions disrupt your holiday, Apple will give you a substitute holiday at no extra charge.

Have fun and cheap family trips - book until August 23!

Who we are

We' re true individuals with true wisdom to help you get the most out of your holiday and your money. A 94% level of client contentment is maintained through our destinations and products and we strive to deliver personalised, courteous services before, during and after the trip. This is the only sector in which holidays and orientation trips offer the opportunity to study, expand and give back to our customers.

Every advisor spends at least 5 hrs per week on further education, target and further education. We' re a proud member of Signature Travel Network - a syndicate of over 6,000 travel pros whose combined purchasing strength of over $5 billion gives you the most competition.

Over the last half-century, TravelAge West has presented us with the Trendsetter WAVE Award four and three Travel Weekly Magellan Awards. We are also on the covers of Luxury Travel Advisor and TravelAge West. In a Point and Click environment, we know it's simple to go to the travel agencies for travel plans, but we believe that a close connection with a travel agent means you always have someone to turn to when things go wrong.

First, it allows us to answer your travel requests effectively. Second, we use the contacts to provide you with travel and special offers update information. You, the client, are provided with this website on the condition that you accept the present general disclaimer without any changes.

By using this website, you agree to all of these disclaimers and disclaimers. Accordingly, the client should regularly review the website for changes to these General Disclaimer. This website is designed to give the travelling general population information that we believe is appropriate to help them plan and organise their holidays.

The information on this website has been backed up by a wide range of tour operators and other information resources. Neither can we retrieve or check the correctness of the information of our travel providers ourselves, nor can we guarantee its correctness or comprehensiveness. When you buy travel items presented on this website, you are bound by the third party's availabilities and business practices.

They also act as intermediaries to assist customers in the confirmation of travel and holiday agreements for vendors, forwarders, hoteliers, distributors and/or subcontractors providing the transport and other related service. In addition, such companies shall not be held responsible for bodily injuries, material damages, accidents, delays, inconveniences, changes in itineraries or accommodation or improper activities that may result from (1) unlawful, careless or indiscriminate actions or neglect by the supplier, its staff or other persons not under the companies' immediate supervision,

2. Deficiencies or breakdowns in transportation, machinery or tools under the supervision of the Seller, or (3) failure or failure of the Seller or any subcontractor, and (4) but not restricted to force majeure, fire, government or other authority actions, warranty, riots, riot, strike, theft, theft, epidemic, quarantine or hazards affecting the seas, the countryside or the outdoors.

By commissioning the agency and paying, the customer recognizes the positions of the above-mentioned companies, declares his agreement to indemnify the companies and further declares his agreement to any claims for compensation being asserted directly with the supplier. Links to third parties' websites are at your own peril.

It is strongly advised to take out travel insurances to protect the customer against many of the possible loss described above and may be taken out with the company at the moment the trip is taken out.

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