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Analyzing the major online travel agencies - OECDs Selling your real estate through online travel agencies can be a complex undertaking. This guidebook examines how you can best use your real estate as a profitable channel for your real estate market. In the end, see our OTA-at-a-glance analysis and see which ones you should use for your real estate and commercial objectives.

On-line travel agencies or on-booking agencies were initially developed to resell surplus stock in periods of weak consumer demands. Today, most of the reservations are made by an OTA worldwide. They' re a major income stream for most properties. PhoCusWright's whitepaper states that in 2013, in the United States alone, they accounted for nearly $19 billion in hospitality reservations.

OTA' s such as Expedia and Priceline have developed into demanding sales channel for hotel operators of all size. Previously, customers have never been able to match different travel choices in relation to cost, timing and place. This platform provides market entry that was once inaccessible to small hotel and hostals.

On-line travel agencies provide a multifaceted consumer adventure. They can not only show the variety of travel opportunities, but also provide trustworthy ratings and precise information locally. They have built their own labels that the consumer trusts and recognizes as thought-leader. Hotel owners use the OTA trademark when listing their properties with them.

Alternatively, travel websites like Expedia ensure low prices and travellers know that they get the best offer. Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz Worldwide and Forbes say they account for about 95% of the US travel industry. Expedia recently purchased Orbitz and announces its intention to purchase the company. We also own, which has 16 million subscribers per month.

The OTA offers ressources that are not available to most hotels. There are many who see OTA as a channel of sales, but they have more than a wider range. Organizations are creating online cultural experience. The OTA offers hotels the opportunity to get in touch with unbranded travellers, younger travellers and package travellers. Accommodation members account for only 43% of the US adults recreational travelers' entirety.

So there is a great chance for OTA' s to work for the smaller hotel owner (source). The OTA offers hotel owners and customers much more than just a sales outlet. Websites such as Expedia and TripAdvisor are often the first port of call for customers looking for travel itineraries. You can provide the consumer with added value at all phases of the purchasing process: identifying problems, searching for information, evaluating options, deciding to buy, purchasing and re-purchasing valuation (source).

However, the OTA also creates the "billboard effect". If visitors find OTA properties, most of them continue to research the properties using the hotel searchengines, resulting in immediate website activity and an increase in hotel-bookings. PhoCusWright says hotel owners need to analyse both selling and merchandising expenses. Hospitals invest 6-9% of their turnover in selling and merchandising, while OTA' spends 35-40%.

Also, it is unlikely that these postings will provide any further posting options. However, a succesful sales and market strategies brings sales into balance. The creation of a lucrative sales strategies is important for all object categories and consists of a mixture of OTA links and live postings. Whilst you understand the importance of online travel agencies, it is often timeconsuming to find the best pages for your company.

Have a look at our analyses of the world's most beloved OTA' below. Contacting an OTA directly to review information before making commercial decision. The Airbnb assists travellers to experience life like the natives. The Airbnb website says that this travel website is varied and can be visited by almost anyone, from apartment airbeds to enchanting fortresses.

3 percent hosting charge for each reservation on your online site. is the most sought-after travel website (source). and Ctrip is China's premier travel website. More than 70,000 properties are included, 30 million ratings and 400,000 worldwide properties (source). Travellers use FlipKey and TripAdvisor because they are looking for something a resort can't offer.

We have compiled a brief listing of all the different online travel agencies from which you can select, which you should join depending on the nature of your real estate. B&Bs are small accommodation facilities that provide our clients with a one-of-a-kind, whimsical adventure. B&B' are ideal for romantically excursions, adventure -loving travellers and those looking for a relaxing, one-of-a-kind outing.

B&B' will most likely draw more affluent people. Since B&Bs are usually smaller than stand-alone properties, it is important to choose low commission B&Bs. OTA' s that concentrate on one-of-a-kind adventures are also important. Hostels are ideal for backpacker tourists, adventurous travelers and price-conscious travelers (source). This type of venue should concentrate on low commission low-cost specialty locations and non-market niches.

Altough the property comes with a higher cost tag, being able to accommodate many will make it a low-cost option. Holiday rental companies should refrain from highly professional OTA and concentrate on travel sites with low commissions schemes. As a rule, a hotel attracts all kinds of visitors. Pairs, family and single travelers visit self-contained properties for their comfort and uniqueness.

Autonomous hosts should concentrate on low-coupon OTA niches. Also, the use of more costly on-board computers is reasonable. Reduced comissions and niches: Higher commissions: Travellers who appreciate one-of-a-kind adventures in a luxury environment. They want to be like the natives and have the inside information. Hotelgroups should concentrate on low-pay niches but also use more costly ones when necessary to move inventories.

Businessmen, couples and tourist are drawn to these real estates. Since they have so many rooms, taking care of the commissions is not as important as occupying the free stock. On-line travel agencies provide real estate owner of all kinds many possibilities. The OTA is of great importance to customers, from expanded coverage to comprehensive information for them.

Every type of real estate is not suitable for every type of real estate. Analyze each of your properties to find out what's best for you and take full benefit of them.

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