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Avis car rental locations

Locations & Vehicles Rentals FAQ Smoking causes residues on materials, fibres and car finishes that emit odours that many find inconvenient. The purpose of this new strategy is to make sure that we increase the convenience of our clients, which is Avis' top prioritisation. If a car needs to be wiped of the smell and residues of cigarette fumes, all surface must be handled and wiped clean.

It will take a long pause and require the car to be taken out of the rental car pool until it is odourless. As a result, additional expenses are incurred for extra maintenance and loss of income from the unavailability of the car. With this new insurance we are helping to cover part of the cost of removing the smell and residues of our cars.

Together with the new directive, Avis has launched a new inspections procedure. If a car that was smoke-free when it was handed over to a client is checked on delivery and it is found that the car needs to be cleared of the smell and residues of smoking, the hirer will be charged a charge of up to $250.

In a similar way to our evaluation of the cost of cleaning surplus debris and soiling in cars, when a car is handed back, the return service will check the car for proof that the car has been fumigated (ashes / pestles in the car / smoke-burning cigarettes, etc.) and photographs will be taken to verify the evaluation of the cost of the clean.

We do not concentrate on proving whether someone smoked in our car or not. As well as the ashes, cigarettes, etc., we undertake to provide our clients with 100% smoke-free cars, which means that we also inspect the cars for the smell of tobacco products.

If there is no apparent sign of smokers, a car that was smoke-free at the moment of collection will be cleaned with the smell of cigarettes and the charge will be levied. Most of the times the service and client information is carried out at the moment of the car restitution by our returns agent in the area of the car restitution.

When the return point finds proof that the vehicle has been fumigated and/or smelled, the client will be notified and will receive a $250 clean-up upfront. In this case, the client receives his receipts according to the normal method.

Later, a site supervisor will check the car to verify the results of the collection point and to see if a charge for maintenance is due. In this case, the client will be informed in written form that the charge has been debited from the deposited with us as well. In certain cases, the point of delivery cannot inform the client of the possible calculation of the charge at the moment of the car of delivery.

o The client will leave the returns area before a collection agent can view his car. o A collection agent is not able or not able to thoroughly view the car when it is returned; the check will then be carried out at a later date by skilled personnel on our after-sales team.

If there is no return point available to check the car, the car will be handed back after a few inches. If the car can only be checked after the client has exited our premises and smoking-related clean-up is required, the client will be informed by post that the charge has been debited from his debit cardhold.

In order to prevent payment of the charge, clients should stop smokers in or near the car at all time. Hired cars should be thoroughly checked by the client before they leave the rental area. The client should inspect the car for damages to the car chassis or passenger compartment, as well as dust or debris, and make sure that it is smoke-free.

If, at the moment of acceptance, the car is not to the client's complete satisfaction, we suggest that the client goes to the rental station and speaks to a representative before he leaves our premises. If available, the client will be provided with another car and no charges will be made.

Until October 1, 2009, 100 per cent of the Avis cars will be 100 per cent smoke-free. When new cars join the car pool or inspect current cars and are found to be smoke-free, a badge is affixed to the back windscreen to inform customers that the car is smoke-free, that there is a ban on cigarette smokers and that a $250 charge will be made if it is necessary to clean any remaining and odour.

From October 2009, the fleets will be 100% smoke-free and the directive will apply to 100% of our fleets, not just those that havetickers. First and foremost, the labels are designed to help inform our clients when we switch to a 100 per cent smoke-free vehicle population. No. Avis has no stringent pets policies, but please be sure to keep your rental car free from animal fur etc. to reduce the cost of cleanliness.

One way rentals: With Avis you get cheap one-way rents at competitive conditions. Collect a car from one place and give it back to another. Vehicle types and availabilities differ depending on the locations involved and a drop-off fee may be charged for certain tariffs. It is always best, however, to enquire about the limitations or charges that may arise when returning the vehicle to another place.

Please ask on site or just get in touch with us. Certain US citizens may rent certain types of vehicle from the United States and drive it to Canada with the prior agreement and approval of Avis. You may need a valid Canada Health Care Verification Cards, which are available from Avis rental depot. You can find Avis vehicle samples by countries in the Car Guide in the Avis.com Car & Services section.

Notification cannot provide a warranty for a particular make/model. Some vehicle groups and types may not be available at all Avis locations. The majority of Avis locations are open to arriving clients who have booked in advanced and have had airline bookings made. In the event of a customer's delay, it is our principle to make a booking up to 16 hrs after the specified pick-up period.

In the event that you are expecting a hold-up for your vehicle, Avis would appreciate it if you could contact us as soon as possible at 800-633-3469. You can find the opening times for a particular site by clicking on the "Locations" button at the top of the "Search for a site" page. Then look for the place you are interested in.

When planning to hand in your vehicle before or after office hour, please make special precautions by phoning the place where you should collect or hand in your vehicle. Avis provides free coach transport to and from the airport terminals and Avis rental stations at many of our major international destinations.

Information on buses and shuttles for a particular place can be found on the details page of this place. Some Avis neighbourhood locations can offer free pick-up and drop-off on site if you are within five mile from the rental area. Such locations need 24 hour advance notification to enable this feature. You are kindly requested to consult the site itself to verify that the transport is available.

Notice that Avis is not able to park private cars while the owner of these cars is hiring a car. Cards with the street system, terminal and Avis rental and returns locations are available on-line for most large airports. Look for an Avis site using our map & directions.

At selected rental locations Avis also provides Route Navigator aircraft. We are constantly replacing our well-maintained Avis vehicle pool with new vehicles - so we can provide a large choice of used makes and types. Avanis has teamed up with AutoNation to make it simple and economical to buy a used car! Avis locations below provide truck rental and sale.

Click here for more HGV rental companies. Several Avis locations are run by or for the Group. Some of them are run by licensed, independant licencees who have their own vehicle fleets. While each of these locations is committed to providing the same high levels of customer experience and services, some license companies may not take part in some Avis promotional, specific price campaigns or corporate programmes.

Furthermore, the licensee's rental conditions may differ from those at the company's locations. Agencies are assigned to run and administer the expansion and performance of a particular Avis site on their own vehicles on their own account, and can operate from the agent's offices or facilities under the control of the same.

In contrast to a deductible rate, which involves a considerable investment and the paying of current license fees, an agency owner is entitled to hire Avis cars and rental contracts with his own personnel for which he receives a fee. We at Avis attach great importance to the security of our clients and people. For more information about our guidelines and practices for managing vehicle manufacturers' recalls, please click here.

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