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Be an online travel agency. Many individuals and organizations turn to travel agencies to provide support and expertise when planning a trip. On-line travel agencies use the Internet to communicate with their customers, provide them with transport and accommodation information and assist them in booking. To be more effective, many travel agencies choose to narrow down their destination and their niche/lifestyle sales strategy. Here is how you can work with them to raise your profile.

Reisebüro-Zertifizierung - What are your travel agency certification opportunities?

You wonder what kind of travel agent certificate is available. It' about the certifying of travel agencies. This is NOT about travel agent numbers / travel agent accreditation (more about travel agent accreditation). This is NOT about the education of travel agencies. What is the discrepancy between travel agent education and accreditation? If we say "certification", we mean it:

Looking for other forms of schooling? We' re talking about hosting and travel schooling in this paper. We will also take a discriminating approach to certifying. Travel agency certificates mentioned by us are not the only travel agency certificate or educational programme - there is much more.

We want organisations that are involved in the entire travel agency network. So what makes an organisation "active in the agent community"? "For our purpose, this means participating in travel agency meetings, providing travel agency staff with materials and equipment that are of benefit to them, that I know them or have known someone to vouch for them.

I' ll say as a reservation that this is not a confirmation for one of the programmes - think more of an audited listing! Because I believe that an energetic organisation has a heartbeat. The last thing I want to combine with a travel agency accreditation programme is an out-of-touch organisation!

That is why organisations that I have not actively seen in the fellowship have received the Ax. The most important thing first; realize that there is no general purpose travel agency certificate. Once you have found a site that proposes you take its course to become a travel agency, go in the other one! We do not have any legally mandated travel agency certificates in the United States and most of Canada.

There is no formalised procedure for becoming a travel agency in the travel sector (especially in the USA). That means you don't have to take a state examination, no state certifications requirement (although you need to familiarize yourself with U.S. and Canada license and travel laws).

However, you take the good with the evil - that is the top and bottom of an industrial sector with a low entrance barriers. Comment: Travel Agencies in Ontario, Canada, you are the uneven globe out. The Travel industry Council of Ontario (TICO) examination must be passed by all travel agent and manager. Travel agency certifications programmes we will be mentioning - and we have a few of them - include an acronym, adrenaline!

The Travel Institute, with almost 50 years of experience, considers the award to be the longest ongoing travel agency award programme. They have a few programmes, each of which focuses on operatives at different states of their careers. They are used by travel agencies in the cruising, business, luxury and recreation sectors. Here are some of their certifications:

The agent must have 18 month of sector specific expertise and must complete 8 key courses and 4 elective courses. This is a requirement for CTC accreditation, see below. In order to continue certifying, an agent must acquire 10 CEUs annually. An agent must have 5 years in the business and a CTA name.

CTC is a travel agency executive programme aimed at developing or expanding their businesses. Fee: $550 full course or $600 for CTC Fast Track (for 5 -year veteran agent with no CTA certification); the test costs only $320. In order to continue certifying, an agent must acquire 10 CEUs annually.

The name is for non-consumer sellers with more than 5 years of expertise. Students must sign up for yearly Travel Institute memberships and travel agent must accumulate 10 CEUs per year. It is a little puzzling, but I would like to refer to the TAP (Travel Agent Proficiency) test provided by the Travel Institute (cost: $95).

It is not a travel agency certificate, but a graduation examination for a Travel Agent 101 course. It is also important that the TAP test is provided by institutes outside the Travel Institute. The CLIA Travel Agency CLIA Travel Agency Certificate Programme includes four abbreviations, depending on the travel agency's familiarity with vessels.

In order to obtain a CLIA membership, an agent must be a member of CLIA. CLIA membership suggests that this is a travel agency certifying programme aimed at tour operators specialising in cruising. It is a certificate that is strongly marked by practical experience. Has to be ACC certified. Has to be MCC certified. Take 10 online or online courses and examinations (acceptable for MCC or ACC) with 20 points from the required level of expertise.

Editorial note: From February 2016 (when this article was updated), the ECCS programme was on a break. And I wanted to make sure I wouldn't send anyone to a programme where they'd be subjected to psychological torture. It is the travel agency certificate for those who focus on traveling. This measures the competence of a travel agency in four different "domains": political sales planing, relationships between buyers and suppliers, travel programme and data / analytics / finances managemen.

As this is a truly international programme, GTP is not restricted to travel agencies in the USA/Canada. Here is a date- but still useful tutorial on the GTP Travel Agency Training Programme. It is only for travel agencies with "at least three years of travel experience".

" Don't be put off if you've never been a "Travel Manager" before. After three years as an administrator assistent for your business, you have the necessary expertise! But the latest CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executives), SMMC (Strategic Management Meetings Certification), CGTE (Certified Government Travel Executive) and GLP (Global Leadership Professional) owners can take the test for free.

I am often asked if an agent should go through a travel agent certificate course before starting his or her own travel agent. Firstly, remember that this site is specialized in working with agent - many of them are new to the business - who are coordinated with the hosting companies. On journeys the education is abundant, but also (very) incomplete.

They can be trained by your hosting agent, deductible rate and/or consortiums. Providers, travel destination and organisations have a wide range of courses for you; travel academies - both online and off-line - to help you familiarise yourself with the subject matter. Here is my idea to get a travel agent certification: In order not to waste your precious little bits of paper and your precious little bits of paper, you should first get your feet soaked and see if you like the game.

Joining a hosting company, book a few reservations, try yourself as an businessman and travel agent - it's not for everyone. So if you like it, I say that certifying is a great way to connect, broaden your knowledgebase and put a sweet (yet professional) lil' nickname after your name!

Send these certifications! This shows that you have been diligent and committed to your training and your travel networking. If you receive a new certificate, go to your various online sources and definitely include them in the LinkedIn certificate section! You can subscribe to our 31,245 agent newsletters for more useful items and visit our Home Based Travel Agent resource page.

When you have a question about certifications, entry level or general sector issues, I am your one.

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