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Best in finding great prices combined with an easy to navigate website. Continue to search for flights using ITA technology here on Matrix. Would you like to find the best fares? Begin with the flexible date search. See flexible travel search options from Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak & more.

Everything about customizable trip data search

Travellers can often cut costs by adjusting their trip data so that they can take the cheapest tariff between two towns. Strangely enough, however, most airline ticket purchasers are ignoring the flexibility of the search. This is probably because the vast majority of travellers, such as those who go on a trip on a boat or attend a conference or marriage, have to leave on certain time.

However, we believe that it is also because many airline ticket purchasers just don't know that there are open search possibilities, or that they don't appreciate the cost reductions that can be made through flexibility. These are your call charge search options: At the moment Cheapair is the only match in the city when it comes to looking up to 330 upfront.

It' an interesting work-around, but not quite precise (it tends to exaggerate the end price you will pay), but it is still very useful. Updated: In the past Traveocity had a very useful 330-day fast and easy search for dates. However, as of the end of January 2012, this feature has been deactivated by Traveocity to meet U.S. Department of Transportation regulations on taxable airfares.

As before, they still provide a versatile search facility of 1 to 3 days. Rumours have it that they are working on redefining their flexibility in searches. Shortly after the new D.O.T. regulations came into force, Orbitz began to hide its 30-day customizable search feature for some people. They soon went the Travelocity way and deactivated their agile search, left only one plus or minus 3 days of agile search at all.

Like Orbitz and Travelocity, the 30-day search is gone. While you cannot post rates on the site - for information only - many find it simpler to perform a date search here than on the third-party websites they use. You can search flexibly: click on "Find fares" and then search for a period of one months using the search box in the top right hand side of the screen; enter the dates to and from towns and chose a departure date, which usually starts 7 to 14 working nights from today; click on Go.

It' simple to search the next 30 days and the next until you can get an impression of the rates. Alternatively, you can search near alternative airfields. Previously, the kayak only showed plus/minus 1 to 3 days of live search flexibility, or you could see a month-long search on the basis of what other users have found in the last 48 hrs, which was hardly useful as rates have changed so often.

But now it has months of live date search flexibility and is one of the best. A number of airlines also offer a user-definable date search. The Southwest Airlines Low-Fare calendars now include all obligatory charges and tax in the first ad results and show a month's information at a single view.

ARLingus. com also does a goodjob with flexible appointments. The United. com now displays Plus or Minus 5 day in its custom search. Naturally, it is not possible for everyone to have access to data on travelling (college children during breaks from class or last-minute businessmen, to name but two categories). However, if you want to make savings and your itinerary is not carved in stones, we strongly suggest that you bend a little.

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