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This is the best website to find flights. The best way to find flights: The best website for cheap flights: It's best if you just want to leave: The best site for travel rewards: What is the best fare meta search page? There were airlines in the beginning. Then, there were on-line tourist offices such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity. Then about 10 years ago came the meta-finding pages, sometimes also referred to as retrieval pages or aggregate pages.

However, as the complexity of buying more and more on line, meta-searching can be more important than ever.

That' s why we investigated seven of the world' major locations and checked them against their air fares. Do you want to find the best prices? After we searched our seven locations, for example, we found that the cheapest rate from New York to London was available by kayak for $795. In fact, there are all sorts of travellers with all sorts of desires and needs, so there is no one size when it comes to fares.

We' ve restricted our search to one-stop routes, but these pages also offer several routes as well as complex routes with long stays, red-eyed arrives and multi -airline links that can cause lost or fake luggage inaccuracies. When you are a packer who does not object to staying at an aerodrome kiosk, meta search pages are the best choice for cheap rates.

When it comes to these utilities, Kayak still has the best: a complete offering that allows you to simply and instinctively cut your departures and arrivals to half an hours, as well as to sum or deduct airline companies, bus and tram stations, airfields, cabin categories, route and lay time, airplane type and of course fare categories.

The" Price trend" graphic, which shows a percentage of the increase in the ticket price, is a nice addition. However, just this weekend TripAdvisor has revised its audio and added some nice chimes and pipes, featuring pictures of airplane cabin users and everything from leg room to sockets.

However, the advantages of TripAdvisor's user-generated "airline ratings" can best be explained in a seperate section. Meanwhile, Momondo also offers useful filtering, such as airlines alliance and connection hubs, while discreet travellers receive 12-month price trend-off. The ITA Software airlines summaries also save a lot of valuable space of work. Who is the lowliest?

We compare three routes on national and intercontinental routes, with different reservation periods from 48 to six week. Kayak was the only site that offered the cheapest rates in all three cases, using prices as a criteria for sorting results (as distinct from travelling time or other factors).

The Hipmunks and Momondo have also done well when compared rigorously on the basis of their prices. However, all of the cheapest tariffs include bus and tram stations in at least one destination, while Mobissimo offers low-priced non-stop services. It' virtually the business behind the TV running a dozen different itineraries. What we like is that it includes Amtrak features in addition to the airlines and that it is sorted by the "agony factor" of the plane, an aggregation of fare, length and number of departures.

He was a trailblazer in the quest for a journey and is still a dignified rival.

Little things need to be improved, such as giving airlines instead of their logo (not all travellers recognise them). Skyscanner and Momondo both use the word "direct" instead of the industrial word "non-stop", which can be a bit of a confusion, as straight routes include bus shelters. This means we like it when it comes to changing locations at the airport (such as Washington's Dulles and Reagan National), changes are underlined.

There is a very user-friendly feature for comparing results on other trip pages, which includes BookingBuddy, Hotwire, Priceline and Travelocity. A few hints you should follow when using meta search pages: - Search for the best rates. - Make sure that the fare you are booking is the fare you have found, as airfare changes in no time at all.

We call this a " fee jumping" when prices rise before your noses. - Please be aware that certain reductions - such as rates for senior citizens, kids, federal officials, members of the armed forces, etc. - may not always be available on third-party websites. - Verify the rate you see to make sure it represents a final rate that includes all of today's significant tax, charges, supplements and reservation overhead.

  • Use a customer loyalty badge for all your trip shopping to protect yourself under the Fair Credit Billing Act. The website of an airlines often offers the cheapest rate, so it is worth visiting the airlines' own websites. Nonetheless, third-party websites provide the decisive benefit of multi-vendor routes; Kayak refers to these "hacker rates".

All the more reasons to buy on meta search pages first. A contributor to Consumer Reports and former publisher of Consumer Reports Travel Letter, Bill McGee is an FAA licenced airplane dispatch specialist who has worked in flight operation and managment for several years.

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