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Best in finding great prices combined with an easy to navigate website. Instead of checking each airline's website, I start my search with a website that compiles my selection. Ranking of all third-party flight booking pages in order of quality. If you have points with a specific airline, visit their main page. These answers are all perfect, but I would also consider two other sides:

Best sites to find low fares

INSIDER summary: Some pages are more useful than others when it comes to flight search. KAYAK is reliable and thorough and DealRay is ideal for spur-of-the-moment travellers. In order to find the lowest fares, you should use all these pages together, as well as the recommended hints.

If you are looking for the lowest priced flight, you have probably used websites like Expedia or Airfarewatchdog. In addition to the proven classic aircraft, there are now innumerable additional benefits that can help you earn more on your flight. Whilst it's always a good notion to search several pages at once, some are more useful than others, and you don't want to spend your own inconvenience.

In order to help you get the best offer for your next trip, INSIDER has put together three cost-saving pages that stand out from the other. First, Google is unsurpassed when it comes to performance. Google offers a high performance Google search engine is a lightning-fast and uncomplicated way to find low-cost air travel. In my opinion, it is by far the fastest pricing compare utility currently available, and it reacts just as well to it.

Simply type in your perfect location and date, and Google Flight will show you all your destinations in seconds. Using the filter, you can limit your selection by specifying the number of stations, your fare band, your favourite airline and much more. When you are under particular pressure of pressure - e.g. when you book a last-minute flight - look at the fare shown on a gray background, usually in the "Best Flights" field above.

It is Google's top picks, taking into account cost and performance. When you have a little more free traveling, select your preferred destinations and select "Flexible Dates" to find less expensive airfares. Also use the "fare chart" function, which shows you how fares will vary over the course of the year to find the best moment to make your booking.

Next, KAYAK is a reliable choice with consistent, thorough results. While you' ll find better offers if you use more than one site, KAYAK is a sure bet if you want to have one. KAYAK is also the best place to find hackers' tariffs if you are an expert or versatile traveller - round-trip from two different carriers.

The only thing you have to do is to fill in your trip data, your destinations and the required cabins. The KAYAK and Google Flight engines are much more slow, but on the first page I found settings that didn't appear on the second page - although there were only a few. Useful tip: To find the lowest fares on KAYAK, make sure you create a fare alert.

Simply type in your source and your destinations, and KAYAK will follow your flight for you and e-mail you notifications when fares fall or soar. DealRay is the best site for spur-of-the-moment travellers. However, for those who travel a lot, this can be a worthwhile prize.

Every DAILY or in pairs DealRay will send you text notifications about the best offers available on your flight. There is only one catch: you need to be ready to go anywhere in the whole wide globe, as the services do not allow you to follow a flight to certain destination. The DealRay website says members are saving an annual $428 per trade.

Useful tip: Download DealRay's application to your iPhone to get pushed notification of offers and define settings for the type of notification you want to have.

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