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It has been so easy to find cheap flights in Europe that everything has prevented us from planning our trips there.

It has been so easy to find cheap flights in Europe that everything has prevented us from planning our trips there. No one who spent their own cash purchased one-way air travel within Europe when I began to travel. When you buy a long-distance rail or coach pass, you should first find out about the costs of a trip - you will be in awe.

With the spread of highly competitively priced low-cost airline companies, Europe's air transport system has been revolutionised and vagrants have become jet-setters. They can bounce almost anywhere on the planet for less than $250 per trip, so the decision where you go is usually just a matter of pursuing your dream travel: In the 90s, after Europe de-regulated its respiratory system, a crowd of price-conscious, straightforward airline companies fled.

Meanwhile, a few dozen smaller specialized airline companies are adhering to a restricted itinerary. You will find a listing of many of these forwarders in the following chart. Low-cost airline companies are offering flights between large citys in Europe for 50-250 dollars. Nowadays you can also travel cost-effectively within Europe with large airline companies - without all the aggressiveness you have.

Also after the addition of tax and a boat load of charges, these flights can still be a good value. With the exception of sporadic surprises, the lowest priced places are quickly sold out, so prices for stragglers are higher. It is of course important to consider the disadvantages of low-cost carriers (see below). One way flights with low fare carriers are usually just as cheap as sightseeing flights.

You may want to consider connecting a few cheap flights, either with the same or different companies, to get to your destinations. However, allow enough free travel for your next connection - you are on your own if a late arrival at one carrier causes you to miss your next trip with another carrier. Be aware of which terminals your flights use, as low-cost operators are often located in a different terminals than conventional companies, and you will need additional travel between them.

When you use a low-cost airline to get connected to your US connection, leave enough time to compensate for any delay - maybe even over-night. Clever travellers use low-cost carriers to combine the points of their travel route in a creative way. When there is no cheap flights directly to Florence, there may be an alternate route to Pisa (1. 5 hour by rail ); keep in mind that many air travel sites have a "nearby airport" feature that expands your list.

And even if you add the costs of the Pisa to Florence rail fare, the sum could be significantly lower than the costs of a long cross-country trip, not to speak of several short lessons. The majority of low-cost carriers concentrate on specific airlines. If you are looking for cheap flights, first look at the airline companies that use either your departure point or your end point as a turnstile.

Note that some airline companies do not use this "hub-and-spoke" plan for a less calculable "point-to-point" flight plan. Skyscanner is my first stop in my search for cheap flights; this simple website specialises in low-cost airline companies in Europe and gives an overall view of all my possibilities. The Skyscanner also covers the main extra-budgetary airline companies. WhatAirline does a good job in finding low-cost airline companies and specialises in providing innovative ways to get low rates.

Lower fares are a trap. As a rule, non-refundable and non-refundable budgetary passes are not exchangeable. There are many carriers that only make reservations on-line, so it can be difficult to contact an account manager when a problem occurs. Flights are often closely planned to get more flight times out of each aircraft, which can exacerbate the impact of overtime.

When they tell you to come to the check-in counter an hours before the departure and you have 50 mins. time, you have lost your aircraft. It' s also not unusual for low-cost airlines to quit the market without warning or to break off a slowly sold service - so you have to look for an alternatives.

Because low cost carriers don't earn much on your tickets, they look for other ways to replenish their winnings - they bombard you with adverts at every stage of the way (as you reserve, by e-mail after you've purchased your tickets on the aircraft ), sell exorbitant foods and beverages on board (nothing is included), and carve you out with tolls.

You may be paid for payment by bank transfer (even if there is no other option), check-in and printout of your flight ticket at the airfield (instead of online), prior to packing, reservation of a place, wearing an infant on the boat and - of course - bagging.

With many low-cost carriers, the nearer you get to your destination, the higher the cost per item. Please be advised that you may have to add to your bill to inspect a handbag if it exceeds a certain (relatively low) maximum allowed total area.

Don't expect your handbag to be considered hand baggage in Europe; many low-cost airline companies use smaller sizes than otherlines. Ryanair, one of the largest low-cost airline, is known for its low prices as well as for the inventive way in which it was developed for the passenger of Ni and Dimeth. Examples vary according to how many items of baggage you have, how much they weigh, what seasons you fly and whether you book on-line - from about $20 for a small carrier pre-booked out of saison, to $180 for a larger carrier reserved at the airfield during the high seasons, plus about $12 per additional kg over 20 kg (44 pounds).

Low-cost carriers sometimes use arcane airfields. Flights from Ryanair to Frankfurt take you to Hahn, 75MPH. An example would be a plane to Copenhagen to Malmö (in Sweden) or a plane to Vienna to Bratislava (in Slovakia). They are still secure and legitimate airfields, but it can cost a lot of cost and a lot of travel to your destinations by means of local rail.

But on the other side, the amount you are saving often exceeds the amount of the balance. Some of the low-cost carriers that cross the sky of Europe, along with their major airlines. For more information, visit Skyscanner or look for" cheap flights" and the towns you want to fly from on-line.

There are new carriers - and old ones are leaving the shop - all the while.

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