Best place to buy Plane Tickets

The best place to buy airline tickets

No safe bet, but here is a guide to when to make your move. Tips for book a low-cost trip to Africa Arriving in Africa, it is simple to see the African with a shoelace. Unfortunately, if you are travelling from the United States, the journey will always be costly - but there are ways to minimise the outlay. Whether you're planning to avoid busy periods or book several month in advanced, experienced travellers can cut their air fares by as much as $100, giving you more room in your adventure budgets as soon as you get there.

While the advice below is for those who fly from the US to Africa, it can also be used to get great value from almost anywhere. When you can be felxible with your data, the low sea period is a good way to do it. When travelling to a South African continent, keep in mind that you have to think of two "summer seasons":

July/August, when American and European tourists are enjoying their holiday, and the southern Africa in December/January. When selecting your data, it is not only a question of selecting the best itinerary. It is also about selecting the best out of the three. A 2015 Expedia tour operator reported that long-haul departures departing on Thursday and returning on Monday are 20% cheaper on Wednesday than departures departing on Friday and returning on Saturday.

Friday is generally the most costly holiday time. Be sure to check your data before making your reservation - you will be amazed at the one or two days that can make a big deal. As soon as you have selected your data, you should make your flight reservations as soon as possible. As the distances from the United States to Africa are relatively restricted, inexpensive places fill up quickly.

That means that if you choose to stay until the last moment, you are likely to be paying top-price. As a rule, the flight is offered 11 month before take-off, so that you have enough free space to make a leap into the sky. However, there is a reservation - if tickets are not sold well after a few month, carriers can lower fares to fill the slots.

A further top tip for savings is to reserve the tickets yourself instead of having to pay a provision to a travelling agency. Usually the best way to do this is to use a comparative website such as Skyscanner, which checks all carriers that fly your selected itinerary and determines the best fare (including any promotions currently running).

On most sites you can post a fare alarm so you can see if your flight is getting less expensive; and on some sites you can look with flexibility so you can see the cheapest journey times with a click. Please review with the STA Traveller before making an on-line reservation, as they often provide special offers for young travellers who do not have directories.

It is comfortable to fly directly from the United States to Africa, but they are out of the question when it comes to minimising outlay. Often the lowest cost airlines operate via the former counterparts of a colon. As an example, the lowest fares to South Africa usually fly via London; Namibia via Frankfurt; while some Western Africa is best serviced by Paris.

For example, all the lowest cost carriers in Africa (Turkish Airline, Ethiopian Airline and Kenya Airways) operate direct air services. Historically, US-Africa services have continued in Europe, but Emirates are progressively providing reasonable rates with Dubai as an intermediate stop. If you are using a comparative website, you should be able to screen your results by the number of stations you are willing to consider.

It is not always as easy to book the best fare as to choose the best deal on the results page of the compare site. Often carriers lure travellers with impressive low fares just to let you know after half of the reservation that you have to buy something to give up a purse, use your debit or have a menu on board.

When making an on-line reservation, be aware of underhanded supplements to your end billing, such as additional charges for text warnings, seating or luggage insurances. As an example, a 2 hours stay in Johannesburg can cost $100 more than a 10 hours stay in London - but you will probably be spending much more than $100 on food and lodging in London if you choose the second one.

After all, it may be a good option to make individual bookings for each stage of your trip, especially if you don't want to pay for everything at once. If your trip is not scheduled with a one-way trip, however, you may experience difficulties if you miss your connection due to a delay.

Rather than having the company rebook you for free on the next trip, you might end up paying for a brandnew one.

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