Best Rated Online Travel Agency

Top rated online travel agency

YouTube and Facebook, along with the simple search for images and online reviews. Locate the best travel agency software for your business. 2011 Online Travel Agency Satisfaction Report It is a measure of overall consumer confidence in the purchasing experiences of purchasing a holiday pack, airline, hotel or hire vehicle through an online travel website. There are seven main elements analysed in the survey (in order of importance): price competitivity, usefulness of information, accessibility of booking/reservation possibilities, website/online shop, easy booking/reservation, competitive selling and promotion, and contacting CSM.

The overall level of client satifaction with online travel agents is 788 (on a 1,000 point scale). Main reason why clients book/reservation/buy through an online travel agency website is the cost (66%), familiarity with the make (44%), repute of the make (22%) and favorable ratings of the make (website, articles, blogs, etc.) (19%). Highest share of clients who visit online travel sites are booking accommodation (58%), followed by flights (52%), holiday deals (33%) and car rentals (31%).

A high level of contentment leads to higher buy-back quotas. Clients who rated overall happiness as excellent (10 on a 10-point scale) buy 4.4 per year from an online travel website, as opposed to 3.1 from those who rated their happiness as medium. Troubleshooting has a significant influence on client satifaction.

Usually clients use online travel pages because they require a low-cost, low level contacting procedure. Whenever there are issues and they are solved quickly, the customer is pleasantly surprise and reacts well. Almost a fifth (18%) of clients say they had a difficulty with online bookings. It is not surprising that the level of customer contentment (754) is 44 points lower than that of those who have no difficulties.

But if issues can be quickly solved through the website, they can be restored and improve from 634 to 780 if issues are solved if they are left unsolved. Travel websites that are able to solve customers' issues are likely to profit from differentiated products. leads with a scoring of 804, with a good performance in the website/online shop, the usefulness of information and the competitive ability of selling and promotion. (798) follows in the ranking, which performs well in terms of contacts with the client services team. Online Travel Agency Satisfaction Report 2014 is built on the answers of 2,673 clients who have made an online purchasing transaction on an unrelated travel website in the last 12 month. Completion of the trial ran from March 11, 2014 to March 31, 2014.

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