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The Rendezvous Bay offers one of the best beaches in Antigua.

Carribean holiday - There is a good reasons why these archipelagoes are known.

There are variations in scenery, height and mood, but each of them has a purpose (or ten) to be on your canlist. Explore your all-inclusive paradise in the Carribean. Carribean holiday - There is a good reasons why these archipelagoes are known. There' are caribean music, films, food and lifestyle that have been inspiring the Carribean isles. Do these paradises do justice to the frenzy?

So, how do you pick the right one for your journey? It is the ideal mixture of ancient wonders, old fashioned beauty, old -fashioned adventures, old fashioned food. The Rendezvous Bay has one of the best sandy areas in Antigua. You and your whole household will love this small lonely little isle. Every year in this vibrant area of the Caribbean, every night is an excursion to the city' s seaside with many of the city' s main tourist attraction.

It is home to both UK and Carribean tradition, which ranges from cricketing and afternoons' teas to diving and snorkelling at Dottins Reef and a round of ocean design course-golfing. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Centres, including Britain's seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century architectural colonies. There are 181 isles and a multitude of tourist and activity facilities.

This is an archipelago paradise if you like the sea, the sea, the beach, good food and good locals. Great regae tunes, great food, great sand dunes and great party. Puerto Rico unites the best of everything with breathtaking scenery, breathtaking scenery, Mediterranean flavors and more. There are so many activities such as walking, scuba skiing, scuba-diving, relaxation on the shore and eating in the nearby restaurant, you will surely find a great view of our area.

St. Kitts Music Festival unites artists from all over the Carribean. Accentuated by the Piton Mountains and the vulcanic sandy beach, St. Lucia is a paradise. Nature has made this twenty-seven miles long Atlantic coast coastline of the Carribean a true treasure. It is a hot spot full of traditional Frenchs and the Netherlands, as well as stunning places to eat, and unspoilt beach.

You can snorkel in the water off the coast of the isle. is just a leap from the American continent. Hurry to the shore. Do you have a question about holidays in the Caribbean?

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